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Lott: Son kills dad before drug binge

A 50-year-old son of an Eastway Park man has admitted to killing his father with a hammer to steal money to buy crack cocaine, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said this morning.

Robert Dickerson, 50, has been charged with the murder of Charles Dickerson, 68, of 4554 Robney Drive in the subdivision off Bluff Road.

Dickerson allegedly used the money to buy crack and hang around with women, Lott said. He did not know how much was taken, but estimated it "more than $1,000."

Another brother found Charles Dickerson's body Sunday morning in his bed, Lott said.

Since Sunday morning, sheriff's officers and detectives have interviewed approximately 20 people, including crack dealers, to solve the case.

Detectives have been questioning Robert Dickerson, an ex-convict who has served 11 years for armed robbery, since Sunday, Lott said.

Robert Dickerson finally admitted killing his father Friday afternoon and has given detectives a signed confession, Lott said.

The sheriff accused Robert Dickerson of striking his father numerous times in the head with the hammer, then stealing a large amount of cash from a safe the victim had in the bottom of his bedroom closet.

In addition to the murder charge, Robert Dickerson was charged with armed robbery. Lott did not know if the suspect has a lawyer. No court appearance has been scheduled.

-- John Monk