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Blog: What punishment for Geathers?

Clifton Geathers will miss next week’s opener at N.C. State.

Whether he is suspended for the game remains to be seen.

Under athletic department policy, Geathers was automatically suspended when he was arrested and charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and drunkenness early Sunday morning at Club Ice in the Vista.

USC coach Steve Spurrier, along with athletics director Eric Hyman and maybe a university official, will decide whether to add to the punishment once they see how Geathers’ legal situation plays out.

As a first-time offender, chances are good that Geathers will be accepted into pretrial intervention.

In the meantime, he’s dealing with a cracked orbital bone in his right eye that will keep him out two weeks, according to assistant head coach for defense Ellis Johnson.

If Geathers gets PTI, which includes an admission of guilt, I’m guessing Spurrier and Hyman suspend him for a game, maybe two. If the charges are dropped, he might get credit for time served, so to speak.

As for Jarvis Giles, Spurrier said he had spoken with the freshman tailback about his situation (campus police were called to the dorm around 4 a.m. Sunday to investigate a report of an altercation between Giles and his girlfriend) and would handle any discipline internally. No criminal charges are expected to be filed, but Giles might have student judicial issues to deal with.

I thought Spurrier’s most interesting comments Monday were in response to a question about whether a curfew was in effect Saturday night. Spurrier said there was, but it had not been explained as well as it should have been.

“But they know they have one now, forever – 2 a.m.,” Spurrier said. “If anybody sees ‘em downtown after 2 a.m., please call and let us know if you see a football player on the streets after 2 a.m.”

What did our moms tell us about nothing good happening after 2 a.m.?

Sound advice.