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180 Deer Creek Drive, Blythewood, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Gladys Mora and Rudolph Felder, $203,500

2 Dennis Lane, Blythewood, from Robert and Kathleen Peterson to Michael and Ann Amacher, $444,000

228 Fair Ridge Lane, Blythewood, from Northeast Custom Homes LLC to Thomas Beeson, $340,000

230 N. High Duck Trail, Blythewood, from Capitol City Homes Inc. to Victor Cintron-Velez, $169,830

203 Lower Glen Circle, Blythewood, from Scott Thurber and William Rentz to Isaac and Silver Goodwin, $154,000

103 Summer Pines Drive, Blythewood, from Kimberly Newman to Angelique Carwell, $159,900

917 Swygert Road, Blythewood, from Maribel Furtick to Roddy Furtick, $160,000

125 Weeping Willow Circle, Blythewood, from VIP Developers Inc. to Jennifer Griffin, $115,900

ZIP CODE 29033


940 Gabriel Road, Cayce, from Mattie Chappell to David and Tara Sullivan, $180,000

1829 Manley St., Cayce, from Lon and Anita Starkey to Dawn Starkey, $103,000

ZIP CODE 29036


124 Fairhaven Way, Chapin, from Lawton O'Cain to Rosa Metts, $94,000

256 Lake Estate Drive, Chapin, from Ann Roberge to Linda Livingston, $260,000

916 Mooringview Pointe, Chapin, from Eugene and Linda Ewen to Douglas and Florence Abramson, $560,000

156 Northshore Drive, Chapin, from Chris Barnes to Malerey Stoudemire, $115,000

124 Peregrine Court, Chapin, from Clyde Priddy to Kelvin Woods, $148,000

205 Stoney Pointe Drive, Chapin, from Francis and Beverly Turbeville to Sean and Kyle Siegfried, $350,000

609 Webster Point, Chapin, from Joseph and Jeanne Vargo to Jeport of Florida Inc., $275,000

109 Westridge Court, Chapin, from Amanda and Brett Wick to Erin Strong and James Causey, $333,000

ZIP CODE 29053


368 Deer Crossing, Gaston, from 1600 Park Circle Suite 918 LLC to Ernest Matzinger, $89,900

318 Logan Way, Gaston, from GFI Builders Inc. to Michael Frisina, $124,900

417 Mimosa Drive, Gaston, from Deborah DeLucia and Lisa Phillips and Belinda Neese to Guy and Annie Kirby, $84,975

453 Sems Road, Gaston, from Riverstone Properties LLC to Tony Pound, $61,400

ZIP CODE 29054


840 Fox Den Road, Gilbert, from Phyllis Barnhardt to Anthony Burke, $99,500

ZIP CODE 29061


316 Keystone Drive, Hopkins, from Capitol City Homes Inc. to Anthony Valenti, $127,000

ZIP CODE 29063


144 Arbor Springs Drive, Irmo, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Christopher Bossong, $189,018

267 Caedmons Creek Drive, Irmo, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Balkrisha and Tejal Patel, $248,516

213 Foxport Drive, Irmo, from Palmetto Residential Rentals LLC to Kimberly Haley, $175,000

337 Gales River Road, Irmo, from Eric and Angel Johnson to Elyssa and Robert Folsom, $105,800

130 Kingston Forest Drive, Irmo, from Gary Motts and Cynthia Lammert to Susan Sneigrove, $175,000

13 Lyne Cove Court, Irmo, from Diversified Property Investments LLC to Angel Harris, $120,000

98 Riverwalk Way, Irmo, from Donald and Lindy Barrett to MTB LLC, $194,000

336 Royal Tower Drive, Irmo, from Kelvin and Darlene Vause to Amanda Klicka and Avery Ellis, $119,000

154 Stonemont Drive, Irmo, from Shumaker Homes Inc. to John and Lindsay Wood, $231,201

12 Tackeria Court, Irmo, from Jonathan Johnson to Brett and Tammy Parker, $760,000

229 Wes Bickley Road, Irmo, from Grace Samples to William and Roselyn Brickenstein, $249,650

9 Whitewater Court, Irmo, from Christopher and Catherine Lempesis to Tara Barnette, $182,000

707 Whitewater Drive, Irmo, from Larry and Stephanie Quattlebaum to Jennifer Menezes, $180,000

10 Windmill Circle, Irmo, from Peter Corbett to Drew Allgire, $99,500

ZIP CODE 29072


312 Allenbrooke Drive, Lexington, from Holiday Builders Inc. to Susan Dungan, $199,990

220 Alston Circle, Lexington, from Murry and Amy Kinard to Joseph and Marie Bauschka, $344,000

215 Aston Lane, Lexington, from Palmetto Residential Rentals LLC to Romey and Amie Nelson, $119,900

125 Athena Lane, Lexington, from George and Jennifer Nicholson to Jerry and Judy Smith, $233,800

112 Bonhomme Circle, Lexington, from Wickersham Homes Inc. to Heather and Sandra Law, $117,500

117 Caley Court, Lexington, from Hurricane Construction Inc. to Justin Horsley, $157,540

301 Chamfort Drive, Lexington, from Hurricane Construction Inc. to Damon and Amanda Pye, $189,765

307 Chamfort Drive, Lexington, from Shumaker Homes Inc. to Emitt and Erin White, $173,139

118 Cochin Trace, Lexington, from D.R. Horton Inc. to Todd Bailey, $126,400

149 Cochin Trace, Lexington, from D.R. Horton Inc. to Thomas and Heather Homolek, $170,010

157 Cochin Trace, Lexington, from D.R. Horton Inc. to Heather Hart, $174,000

105 Harvest Grove Lane, Lexington, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Eric and Karen Goforth, $137,760

417 Keowee Drive, Lexington, from HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. to Kevin and Mary Hardy, $191,500

430 Lee Kleckley Road, Lexington, from Eliza Horton to Richard and Sunday Cogburn, $259,900

117 Lisa Drive, Lexington, from Equivest Financial LLC to John Dacey and Carrie Noggle, $57,000

141 Mill Haven Lane, Lexington, from Ryan and Serap Schmidt to William and Linda Doyle, $217,500

132 Millhouse Lane, Lexington, from D.R. Horton Inc. to Ricky and Jeniece Kennedy, $234,900

212 Millwright Drive, Lexington, from D.R. Horton Inc. to Jeffrey and Heidi Temple, $258,087

105 Misty Oaks Court, Lexington, from Ann Amacher to George and Yvette Chandler, $645,000

820 Neighbor Lane, Lexington, from Michale and Jennifer Schulz to Hollie Warn, $166,000

361 Oak Haven Drive, Lexington, from Rhonda Brandt to National Transfer Services LLC, $265,000

361 Oak Haven Drive, Lexington, from National Transfer Services LLC to James and Kimberly Martin, $265,000

172 Oldtown Drive, Lexington, from Ronnie Jordan to Christopher Hunter, $215,000

376 Presque Isle Road, Lexington, from Lance and Denise Buchanan to Keith and Pamela Osman, $377,500

504 Queens Court, Lexington, from Stephen and Renee Sturkie to John White and Naixa Franquiz, $349,900

112 Richmond Farm Circle, Lexington, from Mary and Michelle Horton to Diana Jimenez, $127,000

165 River Club Road, Lexington, from Lady Street Builders LLC to Krisdee Foster, $369,000

265 Saxon's Ferry Drive, Lexington, from Mike Lowman Homes Inc. to Kimberly Power, $272,000

137 Spring Frost Drive, Lexington, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Kenneth Sinchak, $125,170

238 Yale Road, Lexington, from David and Amy Pinckney to Christopher and Shannon Bussell, $269,900

ZIP CODE 29073


278 Banberry Loop, Lexington, from TDM Investments LLC to Brenton and Nancy Poston, $215,000

116 Blue Pine Lane, Lexington, from Randall Underwood to Luther and Judith Riffe, $134,000

338 Broadleaf Drive, Lexington, from Amanda and William Guthrie to Debra Coker and Mark Thorndike, $143,500

128 Chethan Circle, Lexington, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Charles Billings, $126,425

150 Farm Chase Drive, Lexington, from Christopher Oxner to Daniel Gregory, $135,000

109 Loskin Lane, Lexington, from Resham Singh to Sarah Hix, $152,500

3405 Mineral Springs Road, Lexington, from Allen Shealy and Malcolm Nichols to Jason Evans, $107,000

222 Mockingbird Drive, Lexington, from Stephen and Tina Robertson to Bradley and Anna Rogers, $119,000

153 Peak View Road, Lexington, from 1600 Park Circle Suite 918 LLC to Jason and Kendra Millman, $96,270

133 Volley Court, Lexington, from Towb Ventures Ltd. to Craig Wheatley, $119,900

124 Windy Hollow Drive, Lexington, from Premier Homes Inc. to Heather and Jason Brothers, $148,000

412 YMCA Road, Lexington, from Iola and Ronald Stites and Nancy Pepper to Michael Burnett, $111,500

ZIP CODE 29123


160 Hollow Stump Road, Pelion, from Riverstone Properties LLC to Richard Pichey, $89,000

404 Summerland Court, Pelion, from Hoyt and Darlene Williams to Scott Shull, $87,500

ZIP CODE 29169


121 Allendale Drive, West Columbia, from Jason Boyle to Amanda Maxheimer, $87,500

1013 Crestwater Court, West Columbia, from Kevin and Amy Balaska to Thomas and Melissa Drew, $199,000

ZIP CODE 29170


214 Coronado Road, West Columbia, from Bruce Larion to Matthew Larion, $100,000

236 Highgrove Circle, West Columbia, from Eric and Mary Lester to Wade and Lawanna Powers, $196,900

171 Hunters Mill Drive, West Columbia, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Tracy Snuffer, $195,000

213 Hunters Mill Drive, West Columbia, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Bethany Chandler, $117,980

1157 Lake Shire Drive, West Columbia, from Jeffrey and Penny McDaniel to Jason Nussbaum, $93,000

506 Laurel Mist Court, West Columbia, from Firstar Homes Inc. to Donald Renner, $194,900

1121 Lown Drive, West Columbia, from Jeff and Michelle Beckwith to Rachel Price, $160,900

817 Springdale Road, West Columbia, from Hendrix Builders Inc. to David Fulmer, $126,500

220 Westgate Drive, West Columbia, from Wesley Gray to Jessie Killion, $107,000

140 Whispering Glen Circle, West Columbia, from Kenneth and Ida Polston to Allen and Jessica Hegler, $110,000

305 Whispering Glen Court, West Columbia, from Samuel and Debra Clyburn to Brian Ulmer, $122,000

ZIP CODE 29172


330 Colonial Drive, West Columbia, from Lisa Cooper to James Farmer, $162,250

207 Lloydwood Drive, West Columbia, from Carl and Tracy Dunn to Joshua Player and Marcia Hobbs, $109,000

ZIP CODE 29203


3412 Abingdon Road, Columbia, from Kevin Bingenheimer to Allison Clark, $128,000

7824 Folly Court, Columbia, from Ruth Howell to Matthew Allgrim and Sharon Leader, $892,000

110 Glen Green Drive, Columbia, from CitiMortgage Inc. to Michelle McKie, $81,900

ZIP CODE 29204


3113 Barnes Springs Road, Columbia, from Janice Hutson and Ellen Lowry and Peggi Morrow to Edwin and Hilda Guess, $183,000

4020 Hanson Court, Columbia, from Deborah Ballentine to Catherine Lesser, $110,000

2819 Harrison Road, Columbia, from Morris Lyles to Byron Wellman, $92,000

1219 Manning Ave., Columbia, from Rachel Hawkins to Denise Stahl, $102,500

2432 Rigby Drive, Columbia, from William Fulmer to Frederic and Linda Rast, $110,000

3534 Thurmond Drive, Columbia, from Luthi Mortgage Co. Inc. to Michael Matthews and Blondell Nathan, $68,500

ZIP CODE 29205


509 S. Edisto Ave., Columbia, from Charles Cobb to Michael and Julie McCaulley, $125,500

725 Graymont Ave., Columbia, from Beverly King to Mandi Dawkins, $171,940

2009 Greene St., Unit 217, Columbia, from John Kinard to William Leverette, $67,000

1055 S. Holly St., Columbia, from Michelle Baker to Ellen Webb, $144,000

3702 Monroe St., Columbia, from Dorsey Enterprises Inc. to Steve and Jane Blair, $135,000

3707 Monroe St., Columbia, from Donald and Susan Haile to Stephanie Thompson, $297,000

407 S. Walker St., Columbia, from Mary Inc. to Jason and Katie Mann, $160,000

3621 Wilmot Ave., Columbia, from Lindsey Boozer to David Cook, $435,000

ZIP CODE 29206


1310 Brennen Road, Unit 12, Columbia, from Judith Shillinglaw to Susan McKnight, $132,000

1320 Brennen Road, Unit 22, Columbia, from Premier Investment Properties to Clyde Gore, $209,900

5034 Furman Ave., Columbia, from John and Dixie Neff to Melanie and Justin Huggins, $489,000

5201 Pinestraw Road, Columbia, from Ruth South to William Tims, $259,000

ZIP CODE 29209


26 Barn Owl Court, Columbia, from Holiday Builders Inc. to Sharon Sweat, $140,000

743 Burnside Drive, Columbia, from Robert Powell to Emily Hunter, $119,000

131 Fox Squirrel Circle, Columbia, from Holiday Builders Inc. to Ivan Willocks, $131,990

407 Hampton Forest Drive, Columbia, from Patrick Thomas to Roxana Kahn, $137,000

337 Large Oak Loop, Columbia, from Premier Investment Properties to Travis Wright, $156,000

113 Moores Creek Drive, Columbia, from Hurricane Construction Inc. to Taren and Ora Gunter, $162,500

545 Rusting Oak Drive, Columbia, from Holiday Builders Inc. to Mario Dillard, $162,000

115 Sundowne Place, Columbia, from Walter and Barbara Wells to James and Marcia Lewis, $357,000

7632 Sunview Drive, Columbia, from Jerry and Norma Edwards to John Branton and Carl and Mary Kelly, $90,000

139 Village Walk, Columbia, from Ross and Challisa Dilworth to Wesley Scott, $80,000

ZIP CODE 29210


710 Bordeaux Lane, Columbia, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Adam Anderson and Sarah Scripps, $119,986

2803 Hardwick Road, Columbia, from Richard Wilson to Katie Slice, $98,000

124 Lakeworth Drive, Columbia, from Dianne Grow to John Kappers and Erin Stayton, $227,900

517 Lanesborough Drive, Columbia, from Mungo Homes Inc. to William Detorre, $140,940

519 Lanesborough Drive, Columbia, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Whitney Harley, $135,000

ZIP CODE 29212


1001 Hollowtree Court, Columbia, from Eileen DeLancy to Robert Penny, $217,500

252 Merchants Drive, Columbia, from Murray Landings Townhomes LLC to Kimberly and Dale and Benjamin Reaves, $124,000

331 Merchants Drive, Columbia, from NVR Inc. to William Wiegand, $120,135

150 Outrigger Lane, Columbia, from Ted Rentz to Leah Mills, $129,000

520 Pitney Road, Columbia, from Andrew and Sally Holland to Joshua and Taylor Motts, $106,000

212 Pitney Road, Columbia, from Sara Sellers to David Ford, $99,500

227 Ripley Road, Columbia, from John and Carolyn Davidson to Clyde Priddy and Ashley Newbold, $183,000

292 Sheringham Road, Columbia, from Mary Ackerman and Steven Storick to Ann Roberge, $425,000

208 Weeping Cherry Lane, Columbia, from James and Gail Outlaw to Timothy and Donna Cantrell, $232,000

ZIP CODE 29223


128 Annacy Park Drive, Columbia, from Toby and Taneke Jones to Kenneth Jeter, $112,000

212 Hope Road, Columbia, from Suzanne Pucci to Jeffrey Naylor, $226,000

314 Kenmore Park Drive, Columbia, from C and C Builders of Columbia Inc. to Andrew and Sandy McRae, $159,431

216 Miles Road, Columbia, from John and Sandra Hill to Byron and Beverly Waites, $210,000

206 Oak Creek Circle, Columbia, from James and Rolanda Neal to Pier Cruel, $96,000

8313 Two Notch Road, Columbia, from Aileen Sunshine to Clark Farley, $369,000

ZIP CODE 29229


513 Bridgecreek Drive, Columbia, from James and Jennnie Hudgins to Christopher and Ashly Shaver, $245,000

30 Bronston Court, Columbia, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Carlos and Carmella Rentas, $194,936

106 Casterton Drive West, Columbia, from Mungo Homes Inc. to John and Christine Hornsby, $208,036

229 Cherry Stone Drive, Columbia, from David and Heidi Lamoreaux to Robert and Christy Hess, $170,000

937 Corison Loop, Columbia, from Capitol City Homes Inc. to Lydia Greene, $184,690

304 Elders Pond Circle, Columbia, from Yenbach Vo to John Walker, $99,900

78 W.Killian Station Court, Columbia, from Sendler Construction Co. Inc. to Natasha Ross, $144,500

2028 Lake Carolina Drive, Columbia, from Jennifer Culpepper to Shana and Paulo Nzambele, $145,000

111 Legend Oaks Drive, Columbia, from Robert and Elizabeth Bailey to Ernest and Mei Yin Lewis, $107,008

78 Loggerhead Drive, Columbia, from Dwayne and Teresa Jones to Judy Parker, $158,900

198 Silverwood Trail, Columbia, from Jan Bennett to Jeffrey Sellers, $175,000

319 Whitehurst Way, Columbia, from Richard Fossen to Shervon Stokes, $139,800

833 Wing Stripe Court, Columbia, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Juliet Jones, $189,237

209 Woodlands Ridge Road, Columbia, from Gyung Chea to Francisco Saez and Kyong Cruz, $173,000


The Columbia Fire Department conducts routine inspections of all properties other than private residences inside the city limits. The citations listed are for life-threatening or other serious violations or for less serious violations that have not been corrected.

5114 Fairfield Road. The manager of Sunbelt Credit was cited for a locked exit during an Aug. 19 inspection. She was found guilty and was ordered to pay $50 plus court costs or two days in jail.

5128 Fairfield Road. The owner of a vehicle was cited Aug. 20 for parking in a fire lane. He was found guilty in his absence and ordered to pay $100 plus court costs or 10 days in jail.

5128 Fairfield Road. The owner of a vehicle was cited Aug. 20 for parking in a fire lane. She was found guilty and ordered to pay $50 plus court costs or two days in jail.

3001 Rosewood Drive. The owner of the Rosewood Dairy Bar was cited for failure to make roof repairs during an Aug. 13 inspection. He pleaded no contest and was ordered to pay $55 or two days in jail.