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Jamison Looking to Visit USC

RB Jawan Jamison (5-8 195) of Jacksonville, FL wants to take officials to both Clemson and USC. "My brother is good friends with CJ Spiller," said Jamison. "He says that they will use their running backs a lot. He is on the dean's list and acadmics is important to me." He knows players on USC's team as well. "They tell me they love it there," he said. "I love their atmosphere."

Jamison named his top four in order as Rutgers, Clemson, USC, and Northern Illinois. He has offers from Clemson, Wake Forest, Rutgers, and Northern Illinois but says the Gamecocks are showing a lot of interest. Jamison plans to take officials to all four schools and plans two unofficals to Rutgers to watch them play.

"I want to go to South Carolina for a game and Clemson for a game too," he said. He likes Rutgers and Clemson because of their use of their backs. "Spiller told me that they like to use their running backs as often as they can," he said. "Rutgers likes to run the ball 30 or 40 times a game. They told me they want to use me like a Ray Rice." He has not scheduled any visits.