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Fashion feels at home

Fashion Week in New York is held twice a year, highlighting the latest styles and trends in fashion. But the week sets the tone for more than just the future of fashion; it also guides what we'll be seeing in home decor.

This fall, some of the styles for home accessories are still around from years' past, just as they are in clothing. Purple, known as the color of royalty, will be decorating formal dining and sitting areas, and rich gold tones keep coming back in interior decorating schemes.

Safari prints will leave a strong mark in home fashions. And mixing and matching the animal prints (think a little zebra mixed with cheetah) will be seen in bathroom and bedroom decorating.

We talked to a few stores to get their insights on some of the must-haves in fall home decor.


Abby Buford, spokeswoman for Lowe's, says, "Some of the new paint colors they're seeing are nature-inspired, which includes vibrant gold, honey yellow, brick red and botanical green." Also consider winter white as a base color for any room in your home to complement the new nature-inspired colors. "Consumers are looking to update on a budget, and choosing a new paint color provides a dramatic change and is an economical choice," Buford says.


Steve Schuepfer, showroom manager at Centro Modern Furnishings in St. Louis, says, "Light gray and metallic are making a bold statement on everything from pillows, vases, wall coverings and even lamps." Sequins and embellishments also are making a comeback.


Phil Tracey, HomeGoods spokesman, says, "Many shoppers are still looking to save money and at the same time stretching their dollar. So, they're selecting new accent pieces that will complement and update a room." He's seeing accessories in fuchsia, dark green, bright teal and even winter white. "And consumers are shopping for accent pieces that offer peace and tranquillity such as Buddha statues," Tracey says.


Holly Paider, visual sales manager at Dillard's in St. Louis says, "Animal prints are easy to incorporate into your home. All you need to do is throw in a few accent pieces into a room to change the look. Animal prints are back again this fall, and mixing the prints and textures will make for a bigger impact in your styling." Also this fall, you'll find a few basic colors such as brown and tan in bedding and bath accessories. Paider says, "Storewide, the rich color of purple is popping up in clothing and in home fashions."


1. Lime green and leaf green.

2. 3-D wallpaper tiles. This modern wallpaper look lets you create your own pattern by rotating the tiles or painting them.

3. Space-efficient furniture such as storage chairs or ottomans.

4. Low or no-VOC paints.

5. Orange wall paint and orange home accent pieces.

6. Organic cotton bedding.

7. Oval tubs.

8. Artful faucets.

9. Chef-inspired sinks, multilevel sinks that accommodate large pots and pans as well as a prep area with cutting board and strainer.

SOURCE: Compiled from home magazines and Internet sites