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Spurrier weighs in on refs' options for celebrations

Kenny Miles and others on the USC offense celebrate Miles' 22-yard touchdown gallop.
Kenny Miles and others on the USC offense celebrate Miles' 22-yard touchdown gallop.

Add Steve Spurrier to the chorus who says the excessive celebration rule needs to be tweaked. In fact, the South Carolina coach would like to see it gone.

"I've always thought they shouldn't have put it in because you give the referee too much discretion," Spurrier said Tuesday at his weekly news conference.

"I think it has to be really excessive. I think you have to go do a dance or shaking around. You have to do something really excessive. The refs have the option.

"I don't like any penalties where the referees have an option, 'Well, in my opinion, that was ...' "

One of Spurrier's players, tailback Kenny Miles, was flagged for celebrating a touchdown in Saturday's victory against S.C. State. Spurrier wasn't sure what Miles did, but he did have the freshman come in for a 6 a.m. workout as punishment.

"You've just go to tell your guys don't do anything and flip it to the ref, and come over behind the bench," Spurrier said. "You can do your little acting and celebrating, you can do all you want on the bench area. You just can't do it in the end zone out on the field."

That celebrating includes what Spurrier called "butt-bumpin'," - when players jump into each other's backs.

"Everybody's doing the jump up, and buttin', I guess you'd call it, instead of high-fivin'. What do you call that? Not chest. Butt-bumpin'," Spurrier said.

Spurrier on Bowden. Spurrier's old nemesis at Florida State, Bobby Bowden, is under fire to retire. Spurrier declined to chime in on the situation.

But he did recount a quote from Pepper Rodgers, the former Georgia Tech coach, who said that very few coaches retire on their own.

"Tom Landry of the Cowboys, they ran him out," Spurrier said. "If it's not working very well, you make changes. We all know that. But I don't really have an opinion on it except that we all as coaches understand that's part of our profession."

Better in the long run. It's hard to fathom, since Spencer Lanning is on a 10-field goal streak, but the junior struggled in his debut as the Gamecocks place kicker.

In the season opener at N.C. State, Lanning missed a 27-yarder, and the unit muffed the snap on another chip-shot attempt.

"I'm actually sort of glad it happened, because it made us work harder and got us to where we are today," Lanning said. "So I can't sit here today and say I wish we had made that field goal."

Since then, Lanning has been perfect - although his longest try has been from 41 yards.

"I feel like I have the leg for it," Lanning said. "We've worked so hard on the fundamentals of it, the snap and hold, you just get to where it's almost second nature. And we do so many field goals in practice and during pregame. You really can't think of distance or anything like that. It doesn't really matter. You've just got to go out and strike it."

On the hot seat. T.J. Johnson is the only offensive lineman to start all five games - and the redshirt freshman said he now feels unsure given a subpar game against S.C. state.

"As you can see from the way our offensive line is shuffled around, your position is never secure," Johnson said. "You can lose your position one day at practice. You have to go out every day. You have to be on your game every single day or you will lose your position."

Extra points. Moe Brown is set to start at receiver, but the other spots remain open. Jason Barnes has the edge over Tori Gurley, according to Spurrier. ... Kenny Miles will start at tailback.

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