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Cadogan Won Visit This Weekend

ATH Sherard Cadogan (6-3 230) of Cherry Hill, NJ was scheduled for an official visit to USC this weekend, but he says he won't be able t make it and has been talking with recruiter GA Mangus about rescheduling for the Florida weekend.

Cadogan has taken official visits to Pitt, Wisconsin and West Virginia. He was in Morgantown last week for the Mountaineers Thursday night game. "It was better than I expected," he said. "Everything closed down. It's a college town. Everyone was wearing gold. I loved it. I didn't get the chance to hang around the players as much as I wanted to but I got to speak to a lot of the coaches and some of the players."

Pitt was out front for Cadogan at one point and he's visited there three times, but Cadogan is thinking now about a different lifestyle. "I'm leaning towards a college campus type of atmosphere," he said. "I still love Pitt. But I love Wisconsin and West Virginia. Everything is even."

Cadogan is scheduled for an official visit to Michigan State October 23rd.