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Cadogan Takes Visit #4

ATH Sherard Cadogan (6-3 230) of Cherry Hill, NJ made an official visit to Michigan State over the weekend, his fourth of the five official trips he will make. "It was very good," Cadogan said. "I saw the campus and talked to the coaches. I got to hang out with a lot of the players and got a good feeling from them. I watched the D-line (in the game against Iowa) and and they use all of them a lot. I loved the way they rushed and do different packages. At tight end, I saw them in the slot and in motion."

Cadogan also has visited Pittsburgh, Wisconsin and West Virginia. He's scheduled to visit USC November 13th pending his playoff schedule. Cadogan said all the schools are equal right now. "I'll take my last visit and go from there," he said.

He plans to make a decision shortly after his trip to Columbia on which he'll be joined by his parents. His father went with him to Michigan State and he might make a return trip there with his mother.