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Vital Zips


202 W. Bowmore Drive, Blythewood, from Shumaker Homes Inc. to Arnold and Kiesha Hardy, $290,714

1098 Buttercup Circle, Blythewood, from Hurricane Construction Inc. to Marika Franklin, $187,535

1414 Frick Road, Blythewood, from Isabel Frick to Cotton Wood Land Holdings LLC, $200,000

Lot 7 Friendly Woods Road, Blythewood, from Walter and Donna Jackson to Jennifer and Clayton Embleton, $55,000

618 Harlequin Court, Blythewood, from C And C Builders of Columbia Inc. to Rodney Kalsow, $135,000

1500 Sherrill Lever Road, Blythewood, from Kenneth Lannigan to Patrick Lannigan, $185,600

217 Soft Stone Drive, Blythewood, from Rex Brown and Cynthia Stoneman to Robert Juch, $305,500

ZIP CODE 29033


1035 Indigo Ave., Cayce, from Mossgrove Investment Properties LLC to Arthur and Yvonne Nordstrom, $147,000

112 Melody Lane, Cayce, from Janet Wyatt to Kimberly Sanders, $135,000

ZIP CODE 29036


312 Forty Love Point, Chapin, from William and Amy Brown to Kenneth and Anne Stange, $360,000

540 Foxstone Drive, Chapin, from Brenda Poole to Ashley and Carey and Marilyn Adamson, $147,500

27 Hilton Glen Court, Chapin, from Michael and Dana Smith to David and Marsha Waterman, $292,500

117 Newberry Drive, Chapin, from Christopher and Rebecca Lambeth to William and Mary Giles, $189,900

ZIP CODE 29053


438 Meadowfield Road, Gaston, from Majestic Properties LLC to Reymundo Villegas, $65,000

121 Ruby Mae Lane, Gaston, from 1600 Park Circle Suite 918 LLC to Sherrie Lloyd, $92,161

304 Woodcote Drive, Gaston, from Margaret Henry and Shelly Rucker to Derrick and Toni Vanlue, $113,000

ZIP CODE 29061


122 Appleton Corner Way, Hopkins, from Windsong Builders LLC to Raji Huff, $290,000

4 New Stock Court, Hopkins, from Paul Doughty to Timothy Chapman, $142,000

ZIP CODE 29063


111 Caddis Creek Road, Irmo, from Mary Amick to Sharlie Davis, $120,500

241 Caedmons Creek Drive, Irmo, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Xiaofend Yang and Weiqin Lu, $245,942

669 Cornerstone Circle, Irmo, from North Royal Tower Homes LLC to Jeremy Searson, $134,950

5 Dutch Fork Branch Court, Irmo, from John and Malisa Herring to Jerry and Tiffany Smith, $450,000

205 Glen Arbor Drive, Irmo, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Theresa Barnes, $182,090

218 Glen Arbor Drive, Irmo, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Dorthy Snow, $202,384

10 Harlan Court, Irmo, from Dutch Fork Development Group II LLC to Ronald and Mary Raynor, $52,500

214 Hollingshed Creek Blvd., Irmo, from Douglas Guthrie and Jamie Adair to Jennifer McMeekin, $129,900

13 Mapletree Court, Irmo, from Michelle Novak and Jennifer York to Amy Tucker, $169,000

3 Tacoma Court, Irmo, from Van Warlick to Rahsheba Major, $199,900

ZIP CODE 29072


2090 Caley Court, Lexington, from Hurricane Construction Inc. to Deanna Lewis and Cory Glenn, $158,790

220 Cascade Court, Lexington, from Fred Jovanelly to Kelly McCormick, $140,000

105 Cheshire Road, Lexington, from Joann Barry to Suzanne and Peter Buege, $59,500

236 Clubside Drive, Lexington, from Donna Gardner Builder Inc. to Kenneth and Melissa Royalty, $135,000

520 Dawson's Park Way, Lexington, from Executive Construction LLC to George Hamm, $139,900

147 Filhol Road, Lexington, from Ricky Black to Reid and Ann Smiley, $177,000

350 Saluda Springs Road, Lexington, from Hallmark Homes International Inc. to Thomas McCarthy and Wanda Edmonds, $152,000

266 Southland Road, Lot 7, Lexington, from Kevin and Sherri Bishop to Cathy Lloyd, $67,000

307 Tarrar Springs Road, Lexington, from Laure and Wayne Kelly to Gergory and Janet Snider, $141,000

145 Travertine Crossing, Lexington, from Mungo Homes Inc. to David Allen, $166,000

434 Wise Ferry Road, Lexington, from Jerry and Mary Rawl to Flossie Kyzer, $50,000

ZIP CODE 29073


105 Black Walnut Court, Lexington, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Robert and Christina Riles, $194,000

276 Cannon Trail Road, Lexington, from Kathy and Ronald Nichols to Daniel Ruggiero, $115,000

111 Castleville Court, Lexington, from 1600 Park Circle Suite 918 LLC to Joshua Rawl, $91,089

124 Pepper Harrow Lane, Lexington, from Agape Properties Inc. to Chester and Tammy Katzman, $119,900

147 Sherwood Drive, Lexington, from Lee and Tina McKenney to Sarah Amick and John Calcutt, $171,000

110 Sweetbay Court, Lexington, from Hurricane Construction Inc. to Crystal and Nathan Sanders, $188,100

124 Traveler Trail, Lexington, from Carl and Lindsay Feary to Bobbie Roof, $143,000

2323 Westview St., Cayce, from John and Robert Howell to Aaron Goss, $65,500

ZIP CODE 29160


133 Lee Witt Road, Swansea, from Lenston and Veronica Toland to Brandi Smith and Michael Greene, $99,000

ZIP CODE 29169


456 Dickson Hill Circle, West Columbia, from Kent Construction Inc. to James and Nicole Hold, $243,500

121 Greenway Court, West Columbia, from Stonegate Properties Inc. to Bill and Joan Bitting, $144,001

123 Savannah Lane, West Columbia, from Brent and Lloyd Turner to Stacy Weil, $110,000

ZIP CODE 29170


342 Ashburton Lane, West Columbia, from Hurricane Construction Inc. to Brenda Alston and Terry Floyd, $195,465

101 Congaree Downs Lane, West Columbia, from Milan Homes Inc. to Jose Hernandez, $143,450

ZIP CODE 29172


1505 N. Woodstream Road, Columbia, from Stephen and Melissa Hattrich to Matthew and Jennifer Metcalf, $143,000

4 Shuler Circle, Columbia, from Alan Boulware and Tony Brooks and Faith Risher to Amy Matthews, $101,500

ZIP CODE 29201


601 Main St., Unit 503, Columbia, from Adesso/Columbia LLC to Joan Young, $250,000

ZIP CODE 29203


207 Jasmine Place Drive, Columbia, from Shumaker Homes Inc. to Linda Lee, $118,120

2303 Richland St., Columbia, from Marian Morgan to The Benedict College, $350,000

1011 Sycamore Ave., Columbia, from Andrew and Jennifer Miller to Daniel and Abigail Scott, $93,000

ZIP CODE 29204


1147 Eastminster Drive, Columbia, from Margaret and Edward Goodwin to Andrew Reed, $192,000

ZIP CODE 29205


1506 Adger Road, Columbia, from Shirley Hammer to Trinity Consolidated LLC, $263,000

4127 Devine St., Columbia, from Moffatt and Jean Bradford to George and Eugene Todd, $258,350

2904 Hope Ave., Columbia, from Marlene Walton and Alycia Fortner to James and Randy Dennis, $125,000

ZIP CODE 29209


916 Byron Road, Columbia, from Gregory and Amanda Abrams to Sarah Alphin, $142,000

6506 Christie Road, Columbia, from Alix Hay to Adelaide McMaster, $148,000

181 Fox Squirrel Circle, Columbia, from Holiday Builders Inc to Harold Patterson, $122,990

181 Nestle Court, Columbia, from Hurricane Construction Inc. to Christopher and Heather Ospina, $166,500

ZIP CODE 29212


202 Pinnacle Drive, Columbia, from Janice Bedenbaugh to Paulette Rowell, $235,000

ZIP CODE 29223


128 Cedar Glen Lane, Columbia, from Curtis Revert to Frances Jones, $107,000

457 Dove Ridge Road, Columbia, from Sweetridge Homes LLC to Michael and Leslie Dunnett, $279,232

212 Duck Pond Road, Columbia, from Rathna and Uma Amarnath to Admedo and Amy Zefferino, $415,000

300 Shallow Brook Drive, Columbia, from Marcel and Bridgeet Hannah to N.P. Dodge, $319,900

2930 Woodway Lane, Columbia, from Eleanor Roberts and Diane Schacht to KK Omega LLC, $85,000

ZIP CODE 29229


103 Cypress Ridge Circle, Columbia, from John and Maria Brereton to Lindsay Queen, $295,000

120 Deer Lake Drive, Columbia, from Richard Cartwright to Jonathan Smith, $114,000

538 Fox Haven Drive, Columbia, from Alex and Valecia Hatchett to Walton and Mishondy Charles, $124,500

11 Monarch Lane, Columbia, from John Hopkins to Connie Bingham, $172,000

416 Oak Manor Drive, Columbia, from Lucy Martin to Vergial Davis, $129,900

400 Summit Hills Circle, Columbia, from Ridgeview Construction Co. Inc. to Fred and Sandra Cruz, $213,000

104 Tamara Way, Columbia, from Rose Sosa to Jonathan and Meagan Tufts, $135,000