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Woodyard Fund contributions

For period ending Dec. 4

Women's Cooperative Missionary Union, $100

Good News Class of NEPC, $150

St. Luke Lutheran Church Adult 1 Sunday School Class, $50

Beta Omega Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi, $50

Ruth Seigler, $15

Ann Canary, $50

Anderson-Quattlebaum Sunday School Class of North Trenholm Baptist Church, $50

Ascension Lutheran Church Adult Sunday School Class, $100

Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church Circle 2, in memory of Louise Acuff, $50

Anonymous, $300

Ebenezer Lutheran Church, $100

Jerry D. Burton, $100

The Mariners of Congaree Presbyterian Church, $200

Clyde B. Hoyle, $50

Margaret Cloyd Hinze and David Hinze, in memory of Doris and Joe Cloyd, Mallory and Bill Hinze, $150

Smith Financial Network LLC, $250

Thomas L. Gregory, $200

Kilbourne Park Baptist Church Friendship Sunday School Class, in honor of our three teachers, $60

Judith K. Shimp, $150

F. Ernest Gates, $10

Roy E. Wuthier, $2,000

Anonymous, $100

Chapin Baptist Church, Ladies 1 Sunday School Class, $50

Martin C. Grubbs, $25

In honor of Bethel ARP Church, $100

Barnyard Worship Service, $500

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Greene, $100

Linda J. Graham, $40

David H. Smoak, $100

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Shull, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Shull, $200

Vismor, Ricketson & Associates Inc., $50

John and Cindy Voris, $300

Joseph T. Karr, $100

Sidney F. Thomas Jr., $50

Ernest Isenhower, $100

Jimmy and Ann Cooper, $150

Willard Kennedy, $100

Nancy W. Kennedy, $100

Becky Falls, $25

Charles C. King, $100

Lee and Louise Andrews, $200

Jessie M. Sargent, $200

Stanley H. Greenberg, $100

Alice Forbes Boyle, $100

Janet Brown, in loving memory of my parents, Betty Jean and Marvin Brownstein, $100

In memory of Trina Williams, $100

Al and Mildred Berliner, $50

In memory of Lilyan Picow, $50

Lily M. Bushardt, $75

George W. Dreher and Martha H. Dreher, $100

Richard Trzcinski, $100

Dorothy S. Buff, in memory of Bill Buff, $50

Mrs. John T. McNeely, $20

Kathleen O'Connor, $100

Betty Ann Shealy, in memory of Frank Shealy Jr., $300

Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Kinard, $100

In memory of Genevieve Mould, $40

Susie P. Smithson, $25

Mrs. Archie C. Reed Jr., $25

George A. Sample, $100

Doris M. Wright, $100

Medlock Friendship Class of Trenholm Road United Methodist Church, $200

Lester W. Johnson Jr., $100

James H. Harman, $50

Charles Gardener, $50

Strickland & Keels P.A., $100

Barbara Clarke, in memory of Fred M. Ogburn Jr., $50

In memory of Nita Stoudenmire, $100

Dupre Young, $100

O'Neill Barrett, M.D., $100

David J. Meadow, $100

Mrs. S.B. Walker, $200

Mary S. Deschamps, $100

Norman B. Cox, $25

Paul T. Grimes Jr., $100

Anonymous, $20

John R. Folsom, $200

This week's total, $10,105