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What's next?

Members of the General Assembly are on track to censure the governor - in other words, to formally express disapproval of Gov. Mark Sanford's actions.

Censure vote: The full Judiciary Committee will meet next Wednesday and will have a chance to take up the impeachment and censure resolutions. The full 25-member committee still could vote on impeachment. But it is unlikely to do so because of the unfavorable opinion on impeachment issued by the impeachment panel.

Ethics hearing: A panel of the State Ethics Commission will hear testimony in early January on 37 ethics charges against Sanford. The impeachment panel excluded from its consideration 32 of the 37 charges that alleged Sanford used state planes for personal and political trips, bought against state law pricey commercial airline seats and misused campaign money. But the Ethics Commission still must act, and Sanford could face $74,000 in fines.

Criminal charges: Attorney General Henry McMaster has yet to say whether any of the ethics charges also could result in criminal charges.