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The case against Sanford

Now that impeachment is essentially dead, what remains is an ethics case. Sanford faces 37 charges to be heard by a three-member panel of the State Ethics Commission in January. Here is what the Ethics Commission charged Gov. Mark Sanford with last month.


Counts in which Sanford flew first- or business-class in violation of state law, which requires an urgent reason to use a pricey ticket. Most of the flights were to Europe, Asia and South America, including a 2008 trip Sanford extended so he could see his Argentine lover.


Counts in which Sanford used almost $3,000 in campaign money to pay for personal expenses, which is barred by state law. The largest single expense - $864.90 in November 2008 - was to attend a Republican governors meeting in Miami and a hunting trip in Ireland.


Counts in which Sanford or family members used state aircraft for political or personal travel, which is barred by law, including flying to GOP events in Anderson and Greenville and the Aiken birthday party of a campaign contributor, and flying from West Virginia to Georgia for a vacation.