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How state agencies are coping

These state agencies took the biggest cuts when the State Budget and Control Board decided to trim state spending for the rest of this budget year by $238 million. How the agencies are coping with the latest cuts and previous ones this year:

K-12 schools $101 million

Local schools will take the biggest hit, further diminishing the impact of federal stimulus money that was supposed to save teacher jobs.

HHS $38 million

Health and Human Services will turn to federal stimulus money to cover cuts.

Corrections $15 million

The state's prison system is running a $13 million deficit and will turn to furloughs of up to 10 days.

Mental Health $8.4 million

The state agency responsible for providing mental health care has been shedding employees, instituting furloughs and closing mental health centers to deal with budget cuts.

Disabilities $7.9 million

The state agency responsible for citizens with severe mental disabilities has been weighing closing some residential facilities.

USC Columbia $6.7 million

USC anticipated mid-year cuts of up to 10 percent and budgeted accordingly.

Social Services $6.2 million

The state Department of Social Services, which runs the state's safety net programs such as federal food stamp aid, already has laid off 45 workers and has forced employees to take furloughs.

Juvenile Justice $4.6 million

DJJ has been closing facilities and laying off employees. There is no word yet on how the agency will absorb the latest cuts.

Public Safety $2.9 million

Agency in charge of the S.C. Highway Patrol has delayed hiring and curtailed some training.

Tourism $1.2 million

Agency that promotes S.C.'s largest industry will take another hit.

SOURCE: State Budget and Control Board