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Digital gifts

Smaller electronics are usually popular gifts, but as prices have come down, TVs and laptops have been hot this year as well. What's selling at the Best Buy on Harbison Boulevard:


Wireless mouse: Less than $25

Lap fans: $25-$50, lap pads for laptop computers with built-in fans to keep them from overheating


Advanced remotes: These remotes with digital screens can be programmed to make watching TV easier. Instead of hitting several buttons, just click "watch movie" and the remote does all the work.


Sound bars: These are mounted below your television and bring a surround-sound-like experience.

15- to 32-inch flat-screen TVs

Netbooks: Small laptop computers with a long battery life, but no disc drive


37- to 52-inch flat-screen TVs

Touch-screen computers: These computers allow you to alternate between using a mouse and simply touching the computer screen.

- Kristy Rupon