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Woodyard Fund contributions

For period ending Dec. 18

Trinity United Methodist Church Joy Sunday School Class, $100

Anonymous, $500

Church of the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, $100

Roger and Betty Thompson, in honor of John and Keith, $100

Ruth R. Mobley, $50

Bunko Babes, $130

Bill and Eleanor Pope, $100

Nancy J. Piester, $100

Rosamond Kent Sprague, $250

Betty S. Hite, $50

Mitchell A. Bailey, $2,000

R.O. Markham, $200

Wayne W. Herman, $200

Harris L. Gatling, $10

Margaret Barker, $50

Beverly M. Kyzer, $50

R.L. Weatherhold, $25

Joyce A. Alexander, $25

Anonymous, $75

Nyal and Anna Johnson, Mackenzie Higbe, $100

Pat Turner, $50

Neta F. Balling, $200

Susan Martin Will, $500

George H. Smith, in memory of Mrs. M.F. and Estelle Smith, $50

George S. Betsill, $100

Betty F. Mathis, in memory of Buddy, $100

Samuel E. Douglas, $100

Fleet Reserve Association Ladies Auxiliary, $50

Carol Lawson, $50

Verdie T. Sherer, $100

Mary Lynn C. Gibson, $40

Terr L. Goldring, $200

Peggy M. Janicki, $200

Marcia H. Keller, $50

Anonymous, $100

Charles R. Turner, in memory of Ed and Gloria Turner and R. Ollie Peele, $200

David D. Kennedy, $200

Betty H. Jenkins, $40

Anonymous, $25

Pat E. Corley, $75

The Henri Bishop Sunday School Class, in memory of Gerald Waters, $50

Faye Jackson, $25

Bill and Joan Jowers, $100

Grady S. Peeler, $10

Lykesland Tuesday Afternoon Book Club, $51

Joseph D. Mills, $100

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Murphy Jr., $250

David and Patsy Wertz, in memory of Grady Patterson, $200

Anna M. Amick, $25

Eleanor B. Hammer, $100

Janet Brownstein, in loving memory of her parents, Betty Jean and Marvin Brownstein, $100

Linda McGarry, $100

Main Street United Methodist Church Wesley Fidelity Class, $150

Barbara S. Dehamer, $50

From the employees at L-J Inc., $1,000

Herbert B. Niestat, M.D., $350

Luci M. Gwynn in loving memory of her daughter, Heather Alayne Nunn, $25

Elizabeth A. Thrash, $50

Margie J. Weed, $75

William J. Moody, $100

E. Douglas Franklin, $100

Anonymous, $200

William E. Mothershed, $200

Elizabeth E. Bailey, $50

William L. Dent, $100

Eleanor A. Etheridge, $50

Jame R. Jones, $50

R. William Jordan, $50

Rebecca W. Fulmer, $50

Thomas A. Ladd, $100

John H. Hanna, $100

Eula Hornsby Circle at Greene Street United Methodist Church, $25

Ann G. Duncan, $100

William Jackson, in memory of Laura M. Jackson, $200

James Salley III, $150

Preferred Reinsurance Intermediaries, $50

Fellowship Class at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, $100

Ruth B. Jenkins, $100

Anonymous, $25

Thelma D. Dughosh, $50

John H. Hutto, in memory of Helen Hutto, $100

Katherine S. Bush, in honor of R.C. Thompson, $25

Doris B. McIntyre, in memory of Wade McIntyre, $50

Neda Osterman, $100

Anonymous, $25

Anonymous, $100

Anonymous, $300

William L. Ellis, $15

In honor of George Cook, $50

Sol Kline, $50

Gerald D. Floyd, $100

This week's total, $12,621

Campaign to date, $36,731