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Woestmann Lines Up Official Visit

DE Kyle Woestmann (6-4 245) of Marietta, GA is committed to Vanderbilt but will take an official to USC on January 22. "The coaches just want a chance for me to see what they have to offer," said Woestmann. "That's seem really fair if you think about it."

Woestmann says he likes what he has seen from USC. "I really like the coaches there," he said. "I was there for the Clemson game and it was a lot of fun. They really beat down on the ACC team." He was most impressed with WIlliams-Brice. "That stadium is amazing," said Woestmann. "It's the craziest place I've ever been."

Woestmann still favors Vanderbilt and will visit January 15. "It will take a lot to change my mind," he said. "Just looking for that thing to wow me. I'll know when I see it."

He has offers from USC, Clemson, Vandy, and North Carolina. He says he is still unsure if he will take any other visits, including one to Clemson. Woestmann remains committed to the Commodores.