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Fulton Working On That Decision

Manning DB John Fulton will announce his college decision Saturday during the telecast of the Under Armour All American Game on ESPN. He is down to USC and Alabama. Fulton spent last week with his parents visiting his ailing grandmother in New York. This week he's in Orlando preparing for the all star game. His father is home from on leave from Afghanistan and the two have been talking about the decision according to Manning coach Robbie Briggs.

"He and his dad sat down today and talked extensively and will talk tomorrow," Briggs said. "He's given me no inclination. His dad is a big Carolina fan and this is the first time he and his dad have had a chance to sit down. He and I sat down last week and made a list of pros and cons and I left it at that. I tried to pull some stuff out of him. He said he was pretty sure by Wednesday or Thursday he will know what he's going to tell them. Carolina was leading but Saban came in Monday after the SEC title game and he was impressed by that. But he's got a lot of respect for Shane Beamer. We've never had a kid from Manning leave the state."

The Under Armour telecast begins at 11:00 AM Saturday.