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Know before you go

You'll no doubt have some wait time at airport security checkpoints. But you can do your part to help move things along by following guidelines from the Transportation Security Administration.

Here are a few tips; find others at

Have it ready: No need to wait until you're at the checkpoint to hunt for your ID and boarding pass. Have them out of your wallet or purse.

Take it off: Remove shoes, belts, coats and jackets for security screening. Empty your pockets, too.

Check it or leave it: It's common sense that you can't bring guns, knives or explosives in carry-on luggage. But there are restrictions on a number of other items, such as baseball or cricket bats, snow globes, gel shoe inserts or jars of peanut butter. Best to check for a list - or risk being asked to possibly leave that item behind at the gate.

Bag it: Each passenger can carry a 1-quart clear plastic bag filled with liquid containers. Those liquid containers cannot hold more than 3.4 ounces. Any bigger and security agents will pour it out. A couple of exceptions: reasonable amounts of milk for babies as well as liquid medications. Let screeners know in advance that you're carrying those items.