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The greening of S.C.: Preserving our environment

From what's on our dinner plates to where we work and shop, 2010 may be the year South Carolina truly gets on the green bus.

Consider this:

Each Saturday morning, more than 600 shoppers show up at an old warehouse building in Columbia's Olympia neighborhood, looking to buy South Carolina products at the All-Local Farmers Market.

Restaurants are getting onboard, too, with some offering menus designed with S.C.-raised and -grown products.

More farmers are following sustainable agriculture practices, and some growers are selling "shares" of their crops, delivering boxes of vegetables to suburban neighborhoods each week.

Meanwhile, while the state's beaches and mountains always have been draws, there's increased attention on Midlands waterways, with additional recreational events and more protection.

In the emerging energy field, Clemson will be testing the next generation of wind turbines in North Charleston, thanks to a $45 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. It's hoped it will spur the development of wind energy companies in South Carolina. And initiatives are being considered to increase the use of solar energy.

- Megan Sexton