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Jobs. Jobs. Jobs.: Work scarce, despite Boeing

Finding work might be a little tough for most of next year.

South Carolina has lost about 100,000 jobs since the recession began in December 2007, and economists expect little or no job growth next year.

South Carolina's unemployment rate could rise past current record highs of 12.1 percent and not abate until late next year - at the earliest.

Certainly, the arrival of Boeing's 787 jet assembly plant in North Charleston (3,800 jobs, plus hundreds more in construction) as well as recent corporate expansions announced in the Upstate will help, but not enough on their own next year to offset long-term losses, experts say.

Much will depend on whether banks ease lending standards tightened in the financial crisis and the government stimulus programs have more lasting effects that could boost consumer and business confidence.

"We're going to be more sideways for a year, year and a half," Coastal Carolina University economist Don Schunk said.