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[Blog] Cold pizza: Bowl game reaction

It was an ugly day all around, especially for the Gamecocks’ offense. Five straight three-and-outs against the Big East’s worst defense is brutal any way you slice it.

My opinion: Steve Spurrier went for a first down when he should’ve punted in the first quarter, and opted for a field goal a short time later when he should’ve gone for the first down. Not that it would have made much difference considering the way Stephen Garcia was throwing the ball and his receivers were dropping it.

Although they said otherwise, it looked like the Gamecocks were affected by the cold weather. How else can you explain a lethargic start offensively and the rush to get to the locker room after the game by about 20 players who did not bother going to midfield to shake the UConn players’ hands?

Did the Gamecocks give back the momentum that they had gained in the Clemson game? It’s difficult to say how long the loss will linger, but it’s certainly not the way they wanted to enter the offseason.

The good news, if there was any, is that there were no major injuries, and all indications are that USC juniors who are eyeing the NFL Draft will return.

– Joseph Person