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Woodyard Fund contributions

For period ending Dec. 31

Joseph McCue, $2,000

Richard C. Stanland Jr. $100

Anonymous, $50

William Bouchard, $50

Anonymous, $500

John S. Frick, $50

Warren H. Christmus III, $100

Ned Gwin, in honor of Eva Martin, $100

Anonymous, $25

Leigh and Jennifer Leventis, $200

St. John Neumann Crisis Ministry, $200

Anonymous, $1,000

Patsy L. Murray, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Johnson, $20

Dianne C. McGreevy, in honor of our newborn savior Jesus Christ, $200

Regions Bank Corporate Trust, $250

Anonymous, $300

Anonymous, $100

Jane Kay Wiley, in honor of AARP-SC staff, $100

Miles B. Hadley, $100

Ella Wales, in honor of Mrs. Thaxton, $25

Anonymous, $100

Richard C. White, $225

Cantey & Co. Inc., $100

Olive J. Merritt, in honor of Juanita Plummer and Pauline Wheat, $15

Living Word Sunday School Class at First Baptist Church, $50

In memory of Sam, Helen, Dottie and Saundra, $50

In memory of Evertt Wayne Sargent, $50

Susan E. Hardwicke, in memory of Jim and Anet Hardwicke, $50

Faith Class at Riverland Hill Baptist Church, $50

Anonymous, $25

William A. Trotter, $200

Michael L. Hurley, $50

Women of Reform Judaism at the Tree of Life Congregation, $100

Fran Wadford, $150

C. Richard Clark, $25

Rosa Davis Evans, $100

Martha M. Kinsey, in memory of Kevin Kinsey, $50

Anonymous, $500

Grace and Sam Allen, $50

Everette E. Tompkins, $50

Rayburn H. Butler, $200

Anonymous, $1,000

Sarah B. Bannister, $15

C.E. Mayfield, $50

Ethel J. Vereen, $50

Adrianna M. Harris, $100

Gerry A. Shaw, $50

Stewards for Christ Sunday School Class at Greenlawn Baptist Church, $50

Jo Ann Broome, $100

Mount Tabor Lutheran Church Ladies Society, $100

Anonymous, $100

Pearl S. Davis, $25

Arlyn Bruccoli, $100

Catriona C. Effering, $100

Kendrick A. Clements, $50

Jim and Betty Epting, $250

Mizpah Circle of Kings Daughters and Sons, $25

Patricia B. Staley, in honor of Georgia and Will, $100

Patricia B. Staley, in honor of Maris and Jack, $100

David R. Duncan, $50

Hilton and Faye, in memory of their parents, $100

Anonymous, $500

David C. Wylie III, $35

Anonymous, $100

James S. Coale, $100

Elizabeth Gudmundson, $100

Dr. Ben W. Wright Jr, $10,000

Hannah P. Rubin, $100

Anonymous, $25

Janette T. Hospital, $50

Geri and Lytle Pressley, $100

Beth S. Stuckey, $50

Peter H. Stewart, $50

Mom, Dad and her brothers, in memory of Taylor Feda, $50

Regina B. Summer, $1,000

Mary, $50

James and Bernice Stevenson, in honor of Jerry and Glenda Kirby, $100

Dot's Aerobics/Pilates Classes at the Capital Senior Center in Columbia, $100

Phyllis R. Turner, $25

H.L. Compton Jr., $15

Mary J. Hodge Monts, in memory of David E. Monts, $100

Richard W. Reese, $20

Elizabeth K. Timmerman, $100

Carmen Jabour, $25

Moffat D. Bradford, $100

Darla Mullaney, in honor of Bonnie Ramsey and Mary Kamoroff, $30

James R. Jenkins, in memory of Melissa Jenkins, $25

Christine G. Dowd, $25

Anonymous, $25

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Live Wire Group, $100

David S. Hipp, $100

Sylvia Friedman Cremer, $25

Prancer Team, $150

Gatekeepers Sunday School Class at Kilbourn Park Baptist Church, $75

Anonymous, $200

Jane J. Moshell, $200

Michael Friday, $50

Wayne and Mabel Burdett, $50

Anonymous, $250

Warren and Margaret Christmus, $100

Florence Bowers, $30

Jean B. Thompson, $100

Nancy B. Carson, $60

Helen Childers, in memory of Barbara Haynes, $100

James Gunter, $100

Frances F. La Borde, $200

William R. Amick, $1,000

Lt. Col. and Mrs. Arthur A. Arduna, $50

Jim Wang, $10

Gary D. Stanley, in memory of Marjorie I. Stanley, $75

Lollie Barbare Eykyn, $50

Steve and Jean Hawley, $1,000

Hands for God Sunday School Class at Mount Hebron United Methodist Church, $50

Our Lady of the Hills Catholic Church, $200

Willie D. Meekins, $75

Frank B. Havird, $50

Lisa Levine, $500

This week's total, $28,125

Campaign to date, $78,885