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Historic Columbia Foundation

Annual budget: $1.3 million


- $275,000 a year from Richland County

- $452,000 a year from the city of Columbia

- Remainder comes from grants, donations, memberships and earned income.

- Budget does not include annual capital improvements/repair budget.


Robert Mills House (1823) - 1616 Blanding St.; National Historic Landmark

Hampton-Preston Mansion (1818) - 1615 Blanding St. Partial assessment reveals needs of about $800,000, half being addressed now.

Mann-Simons Cottage (circa 1825) - 1403 Richland St.

Woodrow Wilson Family Home (circa 1872) - 1705 Hampton St. The 2009 assessment reveals $3.4 million in repairs needed with the first phase complete; $1.5 million needed for phase two.

Modjeska Monteith Simkins House (circa 1890) - 2025 Marion St. A 2008 assessment reveals $504,000 in repairs; federal earmark of $150,000 and $100,000 corporate donation received to restore outbuilding.

Two other properties are owned by the Historic Columbia Foundation itself. They are:

Seibels House and Garden (circa 1796) - 1601 Richland St.

The Big Apple (1906) - 1000 Hampton St.

SOURCES:; Robin Waites, director, Historic Columbia Foundation