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USC-Kentucky again? It could happen

USC and Kentucky might play again. South Carolina isin line for the East Division's fifth seed, one game ahead of Georgia with three games left for each.

If USC were to earn the fifth seed and win its first-round game, it would play the top seed out of the East, which figures to be Kentucky. The Wildcats have a two-game lead in first.

Changing of the guards

Freshman Stephen Spinella played a season-high 18 minutes, all in the second half. Ramon Galloway, who lost his starting spot to Johndre Jefferson, played a season-low four minutes.

Horn was upset at a couple wild shots Galloway took in the first half.

"Sometimes there's value in a guy not hurting you as much as there is in him giving you a lot," Horn said of Spinella.

Booing is respect

Devan Downey laughed off being booed pretty much every time he touched the ball.

"I touch the ball a lot, I bring the ball up every time. So if they've gotta do that, that's a whole lot of respect being shown," Downey said.

- Seth Emerson

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