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Coach: Pitcher who sued leaves UK team

LEXINGTON, Ky. - The University of Kentucky pitcher who filed a lawsuit against the school becaused of its insistence that he testify to the NCAA has left the team, the coach said.

Coach Gary Henderson told the Lexington Herald-Leader that James Paxton, who is considered one of the nation's top collegiate players, has decided to leave.

Paxton filed the lawsuit nearly three months ago in Fayette Circuit Court on allegations that officials told him he had to submit to NCAA questioning about his amateur status or face expulsion from the team.

Paxton declined interviews with the governing body for college athletics about his eligibility and his dealings with the Toronto Blue Jays.

During a hearing on the lawsuit, university compliance officer Sandy Bell testified she showed Paxton a newspaper clip that alleged prominent sports agent Scott Boras may have committed an NCAA violation by negotiating on Paxton's behalf with the Toronto Blue Jays, who drafted him 37th overall last year.

Boras represented Paxton in an advisory role before the 2009 draft, as is allowed under the NCAA rules. If it was proven he then directly negotiated with a professional team, the pitcher could lose his amateur status - although both sides have said there's no evidence that happened.

A judge ruled last month that even though the NCAA's request was ambiguous, the school could be subjected to possible sanctions - including forfeiture of games - if it allowed Paxton to play without clearing up his status.