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RGA to spend money on Haley's behalf

The Republican Governor's Association will spend money in S.C. on behalf of the party's gubernatorial candidate, Nikki Haley. The spending, some say, is a sign Haley might be vulnerable. The RGA is planning to run attack ads on Democratic nominee Vincent Sheheen.

Here is what Politico's Jonathan Martin wrote this morning:

“Republican Nikki Haley has enjoyed a commanding lead in the polls for months, but there are signs the race is tightening and Haley has been stung by a series of ethics-related stories regarding her taxes and outside employment as a state legislator.

Republicans are also worried about attempts to resurrect the unsubstantiated claims that she had an extramarital affair.

So the RGA will hit state Sen. Vincent Sheheen hard, going after the Democrat as a ‘trial lawyer, Barack Obama-loving, pro-illegal immigrant, untrustworthy liberal,’ said a GOP official.

Looking toward 2012, it also wouldn't hurt RGA Chairman Haley Barbour's prospects in the first-in-the-South primary if he were seen as leading the reinforcements that ensured victory for Haley.