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e-State FAQ

e-State FAQ

e-State FAQ

Q. Is the electronic edition available for the iPad?

A. Yes. You may download our free app to read the paper on your iPad by going to the iTunes App Store and searching for "The State" (two words). You'll need a subscription to access content on the e-State.

To view content, it's best to have a The State Plus account set up before you launch the app for the first time. You'll be asked for your The State Plus log-in information. You'll only need to log in once. If you aren't a The State Plus subscriber, you can sign up for access through your iTunes account. However, a subscription through iTunes only gives you access to the e-State app. With a The State Plus account, you'll also have access to the e-State on your computer, as well as unlimited access to our website (, mobile site ( and iPhone and Android apps.

Q. What's the difference between the e-State and The State?

A. The e-State is an electronic replica of the newspaper as it appears in print. It contains all the news, photos, ads, box scores and special sections that appear in the printed newspaper.

Q. When I call up a story in the e-State, what are my viewing options?

A. Double-click a news story to open a story box. Then, for viewing options, click "Newspaper" to display the story just as it appears in the newspaper, with columns and photos in place. Or click "Text" for a plain text view of the story and photos. You can email or print the story in either mode. Just use the icons at the top of the story for print or email.

Q. The text is too small to read. How can I enlarge it?

A. You can expand the type size by clicking the icons in the upper-right corner of the page.

Q. When I've clicked on a story, how can I make the story window larger?

A. Just drag the triangle in the bottom right-hand corner of the story window. You control how much larger to make the window.

Q. Where are previous issues?

A. By clicking on the "Back Issues" button in the upper left corner of the page, a new window will open offering several weeks' worth of previous issues. The "Archive" button, also in the upper left corner, will open a new window offering electronic editions dating back to June 12, 2008.

Q. What if I am only interested in articles about, say, High School football?

A. The e-State makes it easier than ever to find specific coverage. Just click "Search" and type in keywords such as high school football. Choose whether you would like to search "This issue" or "All issues" then click the search button on the right of the search field. Links to any coverage will appear, no matter which section they are in.

Q. Can I download the day's e-State onto my laptop or iPad to read later?

A. Yes, you can, in most versions of the e-State. On the iPad app, click the blue bar toward the top left of the screen that says "Download for offline." If you're reading the e-State on your computer, look in the upper right corner for an icon of a computer disk. Click the icon and select "Download Newspaper PDF."

You can also read the e-State on tablets through a web browser instead of the iPad app. This version of the e-State does not allow for downloading the full newspaper to read later offline.

Q. Sometimes features such as the Crossword, Jumble, Comics or Television listings appear as text. How can I view these correctly?

A. Just open the item and click "Newspaper."

Q. Can I print out articles, photos and features such as crosswords and comics?

A. Yes. Simply click on the element you want to print, then click the icon of the printer in the top toolbar.

Q. Can I email the crossword or comics to another user?

A. Yes, you can. Just click on the feature you want and select the email icon.

Q. You are collecting personal information when I sign up. Is this being offered to any third parties?

A. No. This information is for internal use only. Those who sign up will receive emails from The Wichita Eagle on occasion, but your personal data is not being sold or otherwise shared with outside parties.

Q. I can't see the whole page on my screen. What do I do?

A. If you cannot view the entire width of the page, find a scroll bar along the bottom edge of your web page. You can scroll right or left to view more of the page. You can also navigate up and down using the scroll bar on the right edge.