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Numbers from dome game seasons

South Carolina will be playing Auburn in the Georgia Dome for the SEC Championship on Saturday.

The last time the Gamecocks played in a dome was the second game of the 1973 season against the Houston Cougars.


So far this year, Stephen Garcia, the leading passer for USC, has thrown for more than three times as many yards and exactly three times as many touchdowns as Jeff Grantz, the leading passer for the Gamecocks’ 1973 team.

Player Att-Comp-INT Comp % Yards TD
Stephen Garcia 189-287-4 65.9% 2,646 18
Jeff Grantz 62-121-4 51.2% 862 6


Marcus Lattimore, the leading rusher so far in South Carolina’s 2010 season, has over 20 more yards per game and more than twice as many touchdowns as USC’s leading rusher in 1973, Jay Lynn Hodgin.

Player Rushes Yards Yards/Game TD
Marcus Lattimore 232 1,114 101.3 17
Jay Lynn Hodgin 173 862 78.4 8


South Carolina’s leading receiver so far in the 2010 season, Alshon Jeffery, has almost four times as many yards, and twice as many touchdowns as the leading receiver on USC’s 1973 team, Marty Woolbright.

Player Catches Yards Yards/Game TD
Alshon Jeffery 75 1,351 112.6 8
Marty Woolbright 23 347 31.5 4