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Being undefeated in title game

South Carolina will play an undefeated Auburn team on Saturday for the Southeastern Conference title.

Undefeated teams have played in the SEC title game nine times. Only once has an undefeated team lost to a team with at least one loss.

This came in the 1994 conference championship game, when the Florida Gators, led by head coach Steve Spurrier, handed the Alabama Crimson Tide their first loss of the season.

Coincidentally, the MVP of that game was a defensive tackle by the name of Ellis Johnson.

Year East (Record) West (Record) Winner Score
2009 Florida (12-0) Alabama (12-0) Alabama 32-13
2008 Florida (12-0) Alabama (12-0) Florida 31-20
2004 Auburn (11-0) Tennessee (9-2) Auburn 38-28
1998 Tennessee (11-0) Mississippi State (8-3) Tennessee 24-14
1995 Florida (11-0) Arkansas (8-3) Florida 34-3
1994 Florida (9-1-1) Alabama (11-0) Florida 24-23
1992 Florida (8-3) Alabama (11-0) Alabama 28-21

* Records are prior to the SEC title game