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December 5

Todd Ellis
Todd Ellis

In an epic showdown between No. 2 Miami and No. 8 Carolina, the Gamecocks came up just short, losing 20-16 at Miami.

This game featured a who’s who of college football greats. Miami had Michael Irvin, Brian Blades, Steve Walsh and Russell Maryland.

USC had All-Americans Sterling Sharpe and Brad Edwards, along with Harold Green and Todd Ellis among others.

Carolina took a 6-0 lead in the first, but Walsh hit Irvin with a 46-yard TD pass to give the ‘Canes a 7-6 lead. But, back came Carolina with a 47-yard Ellis-to-Sharpe TD to regain the lead.

Miami built a 20-13 lead in the fourth quarter when USC’s Colin Mackie added 3 points on a FG to cut it to 20-16. Carolina’s last chance drive late was stopped by the Miami defense, securing a 20-16 victory.

Even though this game was a classic, unfortunately it will be remembered more because of the bench-clearing brawl that occurred in the second half following a Daniel Stubbs personal foul penalty on Todd Ellis.