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December 30

Warren Muir
Warren Muir

West Virginia won a 14-3 defensive struggle vs. Carolina in the second annual Peach Bowl.

This game was played at historic Grant Field in Atlanta.

Ironically, it was Jim Carlen who was coach for the 9-1 Mountaineers in this one vs. the 7-3 Gamecocks, coached by Paul Dietzel. Rainy weather had turned the field into a mud pit, making it tough for both offensive units.

WVU’s Gresham scored on a 10-yard run early in the first quarter. There was no more scoring until the 3:49 mark of the second quarter, when USC kicker Bill DuPre booted a 37-yarder to make the score 7-3 at halftime.

As weather conditions deteriorated, the defenses dominated even more. There wouldn’t be any more scoring until, with only 23 seconds left in the game, WVU scored after a late interception.

Warren Muir led the Gamecocks in rushing with 52 yards on 18 carries.