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Puke-covered SC man agreed to sobriety test — but a fast one, police say

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A man pulled over on Thanksgiving on Hilton Head Island was covered in puke and seemed to have difficulty communicating properly with Beaufort County Sheriff deputies, a police report states.

The report states deputies witnessed the man making a turn through a grass median on William Hilton Parkway before attempting to pull the driver over.

A deputy first noted vomit on the outside of the driver’s window, it states. Upon approaching the vehicle, the deputy saw puke on the driver along with the inside of the vehicle, the report states.

The drive verbally repeated a series of numbers to the deputy. When asked what the numbers were — the man repeated more numbers, the report states.

A driver’s license was requested by the deputy. At which point, the driver said the numbers were his driver’s license.

The deputy asked to see a physical copy of the driver’s license and was given a debit card instead, the report states.

The man said he was willing to do a sobriety test but it had to be done quickly because he needed to get home, the report states.

During the sobriety test the man vomited several times, the report states.

The man was arrested for drunk driving, according to the report.