Columbia preteens making music for 65K followers and counting

Faith and Harry Rowan aren't unlike many kids their age. At 12 and 10 years old, they like playing soccer, listening to music, and making online videos.

They also happen to be musicians with more than 65,000 Facebook fans.

One morning in early March, Faith and Harry bounced around the Jam Room Recording Studio in Rosewood, Harry flitting between piano and violin, and Faith alternating singing and playing guitar. She held a pick between pink-polished fingers, her stacked bracelets jingling.

After rolling through several songs for their upcoming EP, mom/manager DJ Rowan walked into the studio brandishing iced teas from a small snack cooler in the corner.

Harry interpreted the break in action as a cue to play hide-and-seek, and took off into the back of the studio.

“When he’s at the piano, he’s engrossed for several hours. Otherwise, he’s running around like he just ate a box full of sugar,” Rowan said.

No one ever said rockers weren’t rebellious.

The Rowans have been musical since an early age, both learning to play violin at 3 and performing in the South Carolina Youth Orchestra at 7. They’ve since branched out to multiple instruments and genres, sliding from Bach concertos to the candied pop of Sabrina Carpenter. In March 2016, DJ Rowan created a Facebook page for Faith and Harry, posting about their musical endeavors as well as photos of them playing outside and holding their dogs Cookie and Cowboy. A year later, posts from Faith and Harry regularly get hundreds if not thousands of likes. Fans have taken to calling themselves Rowanettes.

It helps that Faith and Harry look like Gap Kids models, with angelic faces and wide-set blue eyes. (They are Gap brand ambassadors, in fact.) They were modeling for a violin company before they were school age. And as British-Americans, their speech is an endearing amalgamation of posh and Southern.

Rowan is careful to portray her kids as down-to-earth, not accepting modeling gigs with unaffordable clothing companies. The same goes for their social media presence.

“I don’t want them to be perfect, I want to show their real life,” she said.

She also carefully monitors and vetts the followers and comments. She even went as far as contacting Facebook when their page started taking off to make sure the growth was copacetic.

The Rowans found themselves in the Jam Room in a large part due to fans clamoring for an EP.

The EP in the works is called “Kindness.” It’s mostly covers with a few originals. A single was released Saturday. Some of the members from the Charlotte-based band Minutes and Years did session work for the EP.

“Being in the studio is incredible, but I’m a bit nervous,” Faith said after warming up for a vocal track in the Jam Room.

Harry seemed too busy asking the Jam Room’s sound engineer about the myriad buttons and knobs in the recording booth to be nervous.

“What does this do?” he said, bending down to unplug the cord connecting his mic to a speaker.

“Oh, Harry,” Faith said, adding a perfect, preteen eyeroll.

No one ever said being in a band with your sibling was easy. But Faith and Harry are certainly getting a head start.