8 classic gags for April Fool's Day


We’re not tellingyou to play April Fools’ Day jokes onyour friends and family. We’re justsaying, hey, these classic gags are going to beplayed on somebody.

What you do with the followinginformation is entirely up to you.

1. With the kitchen-sink sprayer facingforward and the water off, wrap a rubberband tightly around the trigger so it is lockedin the “on” or “fire” position. When the victimturns on the faucet, they’ll get soaked! Ha!(Just remember that you’ve done this, or you’llblast yourself!)

2. Glue a couple of realistic-looking fakequarters to your driveway or other nonpublicproperty. It works better with realquarters, but we hear that’s illegal. Your call.Then sit back and watch your kids drivethemselves batty trying to pick them up. You’llfall off your porch laughing.

3. Stuff tissues or toilet paper into the toes ofyour family’s favorite shoes, then watchthem struggle to get them on in the morning.“Dang, Mom. Have your feet swollenthat much?”

4. After everyone’s asleep,set all the clocksahead one hour. Thenwake everyone up (atthe usual time)screaming about howthey overslept,missed the bus, aregoing to be late forschool or work, etc. Asthey’re all scurrying about,frantic and worried, just lie backand laugh. You stinker.

5. Glue a pen cap on, thenask someone if they canget it off for you.

6. Tell someone how badly you’re going toget them on the big day. Then tell themagain. And again. Tease them. Laugh at them.Tell them there’s nothing they can do about it.When April Fools’ Day arrives Wednesday,just sit back and relax as their paranoia growswith each passing minute. Yep. You got ’emall right, and there wasn’t anything they coulddo about it.

7. If your kids eat apples for lunch, carefullycore a thin deep hole in the fruit and retainthe plug. Stuff several Gummi Worms deepinside, then replace the end of the plug toconceal your handiwork. If done right, thefirst-bite reaction is priceless!

8. If your family eats cereal for breakfast,remove the plastic bags from the boxesand switch them up. When they go to pourRaisin Flakes, they’ll get Cocoa Booms! If youuse milk in a cardboard container, just dropsome food coloring in it. Pink milk anyone?