Simple accessory keeps handbags off the floor

Though every girl loves a nice big purse that you can carry your entire life around in, when it comes time to take it off your shoulder, trouble inevitably ensues. Do you put it on the ground, in your lap, in the seat next to you?

Finding a place to put your bag can take away some of the convenience of having it in the first place, especially if where you have to place it is not so sanitary.

Clipa is said to provide a small but practical solution to the purse dilemma in the form of a simple metal ring. Each end is padded, so simply pull it apart and it can hang your bag on tabletops, chair arms, bathroom stalls and more. Clipa comes in four shades (two silver and two gold) that will easily blend in with the rings on most handbags. Each one is $24.95. To learn more about Clipa, visit

- McClatchy-Tribune