Heloise: Use melting ice to water plants


I am a consummate recycle/reuse fanatic, and lids have always stymied me.

I finally figured out a use for those pesky lids on milk jugs, plastic containers, soda bottles, etc. I use them in the bottom of flowerpots. They're especially effective for those that require a little dampness in the soil, as there will be small pockets of extra water to draw from. - Wendy P., Salem, Ore.


Refill water bottles with water - stopping where the neck starts - recap and freeze. When frozen, carefully use an ice pick to poke several holes in a vertical line. Put bottle, holes down, in a flowerpot. As the ice melts, the plant will be watered. You also can fill, poke holes, then lay in the freezer carefully so the holes are on top. - Melanie G., Houston


When you get a department-store circular with perfume-sample leaflets, save the few fragrances you like and use them when you travel.

I open one up, then fold it back and stick it in my bag full of "worn" clothes. It also keeps the rest of the clothes smelling good and the bag of dirty clothes from emitting any odors. It is especially good in the hotter months. It's important to make sure the fragrance flap is folded back, as it will stain clothes if it touches them. - Roma, Edison, N.J.


We recycle when we can. We use an empty tissue box as a trash can in our car. We've done this for quite a while. It doesn't make a mess in the car, and no one knows it's a trash can. - Kathy, South Hutchinson, Kan.