Heloise: How to measure sticky ingredients

Here's another hint. Jeff in Alabama recommends coating the measuring cup with cooking spray or oil before measuring peanut butter, molasses or other sticky ingredients. They will slide right out. - Heloise


Here are hints to make your appliances last as long as possible:

- Always unplug appliances when cleaning or repairing.

- Clean the appliance correctly, following the manufacturer's directions.

- Some appliances don't work well if an extension cord is used, so make sure to check the owner's manual. - Heloise


Through the years, I've received a multitude of (preprinted) return-address labels with my name and address on them, some from unsolicited sources and others from organizations of which I'm a member. I wondered what to do with them all. I make personal cards out of them (business-card size). I've given out many to people who ask for my name and address. The cards didn't cost me anything but time. - George Kropp, Rancho Cordova, Calif.