Make funny faces ... call it excercise

Now there's an excuse for making funny faces behind your boss' back at the office. Just say that you're exercising.

Making funny faces may seem childish, but it turns out that maybe kids are smarter than we thought. And they do look awfully good for their age.

Cynthia Rowland extols the virtues of facial exercise as "The Facial Fountain of Youth." Be warned, however, that she seems very passionate and a little militant on the topic by looking at her YouTube channel,, so only the serious need apply.

Although she reminds me a little of Tom Cruise's character in "Magnolia," she makes an interesting point in encouraging us to exercise all our muscles not just the obvious biceps/abs/glutes. She's not alone.

Google "facial exercise" and you'll find that there are many facial fitness advocates. It's the new personal training.

The concept is simple: If you force the key muscles in your face to exert resistance against stimulation, for example, your fingers pushing up into our eyebrows or forcing your chin up, then those muscles will respond by tightening and therefore decrease wrinkle lines and saggy jaw skin.

It's weight lifting for your face, without the need for protein shakes or a spotter.

I tend to think that a smile is the best anti-aging exercise, but I've been called naive before.

- Debra Bass,

St. Louis Post-Dispatch