Heloise: Easy DIY bird seed scoop


We wanted to spruce up the outside of our home, but were unsure exactly what to do. So, my husband went outside and took a photo of the front of our house, showing the whole yard, sidewalk, etc. Then we ran it off on our printer and made it larger. We looked at the photo together, and both made suggestions on things we could do. - New Homeowner, via e-mail


When I needed a scoop for bird seed, I cut the bottom from a 1-liter plastic bottle. Using kitchen shears, I made a straight cut around where the label stopped. Then I cut a scoop shape at an angle from the remaining large part. The scoop is great because the cap keeps the seed in the scoop until I get to the feeder.

If you do not cut the scoop at an angle, you also have a wonderful funnel when you remove the cap. This is one way to keep those bottles out of the landfill. I read your column in The State newspaper. - Nancy, via e-mail


When replacing your furnace filter, use a permanent marker and, on the outside border of the new filter (the edge that shows after the filter has been installed), write the date the filter was installed. This will enable you to determine when it should be replaced. - Bill in Nebraska


Are the cushions of your couch always sliding out from under you? Place a square of rubber shelf liner (the same size as the cushion) directly under each cushion to prevent it from moving out of place. - James S., Artesia, N.M.