Dramatic 'statement' necklaces are all the rage

Sometimes a necklace says it all.

Like in the new Pedro Almodovar film, "Broken Embraces," when Penelope Cruz's character morphs from lowly secretary to creepy tycoon's mistress. No dialogue is necessary. It's enough to see her dressed to the nines, slipping on a necklace - we're talking a honkin' mother of a necklace with thick gold chains, as grand and gruesome a gilded cage as any woman has ever had slipped around her neck. The necklace, let's just say, makes a statement.

And so can yours - as bold, brazen or joyous as you like.

Anyone looking to get their Cruz on this holiday season will have no trouble finding the jewelry. Large, dramatic "statement" necklaces are all the rage right now, and "everyone from Forever 21 to Barneys has them," says Andrea Linett, creative director at Lucky magazine.

Necklaces this season are big and bold, colorful, rich in texture, and made with a wide variety of materials.

This isn't the time to go with one dainty chain. Go big or with multiple necklaces.

"Layers are hot, whether it's pearls, chains, beads - layers are the way to go," said Brooke Greene at a boutique in Wichita, Kan.

You'll see everything from bright colors to every type of metal.

Retailers who sell jewelry in the $10 to $300 range say unusual or one-of-a-kind pieces are selling well. Bracelets and rings are also bold. Those who typically wear fine jewelry of precious metals and genuine gems are giving in to the fun, colorful pieces that add a splash without spending much cash.

"They pack a lot of style for not so much money, so they seem opulent," Linett says, "but they're actually pretty fun and attainable."

Unless, of course, you want the one from the movie. For that, you'll have to bone up on your French. The piece is from Chanel's spring 1992 haute couture collection, borrowed from the Conservatoire Chanel, the archives of the famed fashion house that are more secure than Fort Knox.

- From Wire Reports

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