The perfect party gift? Booze

You're invited to one more gathering this week before the holiday season ends. But you're in desperate need of a new party gift that will impress your host.

Colleen Mullaney, entertaining guru and the author of "It's Five O' Clock Somewhere" and "Punch," recommends booze gifting, the latest trend to arrive on the holiday party scene. Choose from her list of top five spirits to give, and you'll be the guest everyone invites to their next party.

Grand Marnier: Ideal for mixed drinks, Grand Marnier can spruce up everything from margaritas to coffee.

Limoncello: Especially tasty when paired with champagne, limoncello also works well with vodka cocktails or to follow dinner.

Rum: A light variety can be used for drinking, cooking and baking - think rum cake or a rum-hot apple cider blend to enjoy by the fire.

Prosecco: Impress other guests and the host by adding a splash of this trendy liquor to another fruit-based liquor or punch.

Vodka: It's the alcoholic beverage gift that keeps on giving. Mullaney suggests gifting this staple with a favorite cocktail recipe attached.

- Elizabeth Cherneff, McClatchy-Tribune News Service