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What food puts SC on the map?

Every state has a food innovation it’s known for...
Every state has a food innovation it’s known for... Getty Images/iStockphoto

Celebrating food and seeking out the unordinary is a thing these days. Along those lines, Thrillist compiled a list of the “most important food innovations” from each state in the US.

From Alabama’s white sauce barbecue to Wyoming’s Taco John’s taco chain, every state has something to be proud of.

Here in South Carolina, the Thrillist team claims boiled peanuts as our standout innovation. “I mean, we could’ve chosen peaches, but that’s not exactly innovative, right? At least these mushy Southern snacks have some spice. Putting them in Coke may or may not be a positive development, though,” say writers Kevin Alexander and Matt Lynch.

Of course, North Carolina is tagged for pulled pork while the Waffle House chain is Georgia’s claim to fame.

Do you agree?

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