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RECIPE: Hot cocoa comfort

Is there joy in a steamingcup of hot cocoa made withchocolate soy milk? Try thisrecipe.

Healthy hot cocoa

4 servings

2 cups light chocolate soy milk

2 cups water

3 tablespoons Swiss mocha coffee drink mix

1 teaspoon vanilla

Marshmallows or a dollop of whipped cream

(optional garnishes)

Combine milk and water in mediumsaucepan. Heat over mediumheat until mixture isvery hot but not boiling.Remove from heat and stirin coffee drink mix andvanilla. Ladle into mugsand serve warm withmarshmallows andwhipped cream, if desired.

Per serving: 108 calories (11 percentfrom fat), 1 gram total fat (no saturatedfat), no cholesterol, 21 gramscarbohydrates, 3 grams protein, 86milligrams sodium, 1 gram dietaryfiber.