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Property Transfers: Oct. 4, 2009


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Richland County Courthouse.


6 Blackhawk Court, Blythewood, from Linda Martin to Steven and Paula Craine, $236,000

209 Fair Ridge Road, Blythewood, from George and Pamela Schlemmer to Michael and Tiffany Ortiz, $316,000

633 Grover Wilson Road, Blythewood, from Steve Reynolds Construction Inc. to Joshua and Karin Rocha, $290,000

1219 NE Miles Road, Blythewood, from Sharon Crossett to Robert Smick and Crystal Collins, $75,400

927 Whistling Duck Court, Blythewood, from Capitol City Homes Inc. to David Dickert, $135,835

931 Whistling Duck Court, Blythewood, from Capitol City Homes Inc. to Michael and Cordelia Glover, $131,540


817 Boatswain Loop, Chapin, from Catherine Moles to Larry and Leona Mixson, $83,500

13 Morning Breeze Court, Chapin, from Laura Carey to Sara and Susan Nicholson, $288,000


169 Peach Grove Circle, #21-3, Elgin, from Chrysanthemum Properties LLC to David Morris and Gail Harsch, $289,477


908 Quail Hills Drive, Hopkins, from Antwon Wade to Robin Brown, $98,000

1024 Weston Road, Hopkins, from Riverstone Properties LLC to Norbert and Latonya Gamble, $89,900


132 Arbor Springs Drive, Irmo, from Mungo Homes Inc. to John Paddock, $168,205

212 Colnbrook Road, Irmo, from David and Rebecca Pope to Charles Mayes, $152,500

233 Glen Arbor Loop, Irmo, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Dianne Mills, $140,025

1504 Hollingshed Road, Irmo, from Homoe-Medix LLC to Marian Fielder, $91,000

1033 Koon Road, Irmo, from James Smith to Mary and W.D. Griffin, $225,000

15 Maple Tree Court, Irmo, from Albert Bell to Jason and Devon Greenan, $172,500


2920 Columbia Ave., Columbia, from Patricia Priester and Mary Holman to Victor and Amy Holtcamp, $129,700

813 Laurens St., Columbia, from Timothy and Elizabeth Ireland to Ronald and Karen Lindsay, $412,000

20 Lindsay St., Columbia, from James Pope to Peter Felice, $142,000

501 Northwood St., Columbia, from Romey and Sandi Nelson to Michael Hagins, $115,000


15 N. Silas Brook Court, Columbia, from VIP Developers Inc. to Venice Walton, $117,500

132 Nubbin Ridge Road, Columbia, from Brandon and Sidney Fogle to Gerald and Donna Ray, $110,000


3700 Rosewood Drive, Columbia, from Walter Sexton to Blair Monroe, $240,000


3501 Boundbrook Lane, Columbia, from Joseph and Mildred Tronco to Otis Rivers, $180,000

5516 Lakeshore Drive, Unit D216, Columbia, from Joan Hawk to Wayne Reed, $87,500


2713 Bendemeer Drive, Columbia, from Wachovia Mortgage Corp. to Fred Hammonds, $114,900

1063 Coatesdale Road, Columbia, from Daniel and Judith Putnam to Samuel and Sarah Howie, $214,900

614 Galway Lane, Columbia, from Katherine Restel to James Leblanc and Sarah Todd, $172,000

19 Ironwood Way, Columbia, from Jeffrey Helliges to Jonathan and Rachel Howell, $150,000

4 Mayland Court, Columbia, from Daniel Cassidy to Daniel Freeman, $197,000

7415 Mountainbroook Drive, Columbia, from Earl Breazeale to Kendrick Goodwin, $124,000

201 Scioto Drive, Columbia, from Don Burger to Leslie Gaither, $70,000


712 Bordeaux Lane, Columbia, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Jonathan Bock, $147,551

517 Innsbrook Road, Columbia, from Dlorah LLC to Jake and Vivian Williams, $180,000

122 Lanesborough Drive, Columbia, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Robert Barnes, $119,875

521 Lanesborough Drive, Columbia, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Chang Lee and Junghwan Kim, $141,000

404 Moet Drive, Columbia, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Pierrette Woods, $129,390

160 Normandy Road, Columbia, from First Community Bank to Eleanor Rimedio, $175,000

147 River Bluff Court, Columbia, from Constance and Laura Stroup to Janelle Green, $120,000

1812 Spotswood Drive, Columbia, from Ian MacIlwraith to Girtie Caldwell, $98,500

2010 Watermark Place, #16, Columbia, from Tammy Thompson to Rich Jen, $80,000


422 Aiken Hunt Circle, Columbia, from Frankie Williams to Harshad and Anita Patel, $735,000

400 Mallet Hill Road, B-2, Columbia, from Ossama Rahman to Michael and Linda O'Connor, $168,500

124 Rabon Farms Road, Columbia, from NVR Inc. to Farzana Motorwalla, $136,075

125 Red Coat Lane, Columbia, from James and Stella Wilkins to Payal and Yogesh Thakker, $88,000


4 Ashley Brook Court, Columbia, from Reginald Martin to Kevin and Angelette Belton, $137,000

212 Casterton Drive, Columbia, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Kendrick Drakes, $258,406

166 Chatham Trace, Columbia, from Great Southern Homes Inc. to Ashley Adams, $151,900

123 Durham Creek Court, Columbia, from Wade Lineberger to William Oliver, $98,000

430 Glacier Way, Columbia, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Kaitlyn Lorick, $134,113

604 Gladiolus Drive, Columbia, from Ridgeview Construction Co. Inc. to Joshua Hack, $155,000

111 Glendevon Way, Columbia, from Donald and Dawn Drummond to Anthony Andrews, $148,000

520 Hogans Run, Columbia, from George and Teresa Culli to Gwenneth Simmonds, $236,500

123 Kobold Lane, Columbia, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Wilbert Thomas, $143,390

581 Robins Egg Drive, Columbia, from Ronnie Penn to Vicki Weeks, $138,824

10 Solidago Court, Columbia, from Mores Basaly to Richard Basaly, $176,000

522 Westmoreland Road, Columbia, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Joy Colter, $113,250

11 Wiltshire Court, Columbia, from Jorge and Joanne Medina to Richard and Stacey Crawford, $186,200

223 Woodlands Ridge Road, Columbia, from Doris Leven to Sin England, $162,000


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Lexington County Courthouse.


910 Knox Abbott Drive, Cayce, from 910 Knox Abbott LLC to Robert and Paul and Bobby Hinson, $260,000

1101 Oakland Ave., Cayce, from Steven Miller to Timothy Douglass, $106,000


1501 Chapin Road, Chapin, from Newberry Realty LLC to Lucy Stallings, $150,000

1142 Libby Ariail Circle, Chapin, from Chase Angel to Neita White and Sherie Case, $585,000

153 Wingspan Way, Chapin, from Great Southern Homes Inc. to Randall Johnson, $138,919


427 Eagle Ridge Road, Gaston, from Matek Inc. to Josef and Stacie Schlierholz, $179,500


224 Allenbrooke Drive, Lexington, from Holiday Builders Inc. to Preston McCamy, $189,990

225 Autumn Lane, Lexington, from Rhonda Fields to Jamie Johnson, $125,000

301 Beckenham St., Lexington, from Hurricane Construction Inc. to Phitaphone and Jason Knight, $163,300

7 Boardwalk Lane, Lexington, from Majestic Capital LLC to James and Jennifer Frey, $130,000

180 Branham View Road, Lexington, from Ballington Properties LLC to Benjamin Satcher, $284,851

125 Caley Court, Lexington, from Hurricane Construction Inc. to Elizabeth Ryan, $164,995

740 Carriage Lake Drive, Lexington, from Rebecca and Thomas Gatlin to Eric and Lisa Beane, $279,900

301 Cedar Vale Drive, Lexington, from George and Mary Reeley to Daniel Brown, $137,500

231 Dawson's Park Drive, Lexington, from Executive Construction LLC to Melanie Rollings, $105,900

353 Drooping Leaf Road, Lexington, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Herbert McElvain, $126,930

373 Drooping Leaf Road, Lexington, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Donald Hust, $133,290

102 Harvest Hill Trail, Lexington, from Southwinds of Lexington LLC to Marianne Adams, $170,000

147 Huntington Drive, Lexington, from Darlene Anderson to Dolores Long, $94,353

312 Kellwood Court, Lexington, from Elizabeth Boland to Jason New, $127,000

405 Libby Lane, Lexington, from Robert Singleton and Melanie Carson to Stefanie Naso, $100,000

104 Natalie Lane, Lexington, from Dwight Byrd Jr. and Dwight Byrd Sr. to Michael and Phyllis Vaiea, $418,856

638 Park Road, Lexington, from Frederick and Denise Woodham to Curtis Bean, $127,000

117 Red Ash Lane, Lexington, from Terry and Jennifer Sills to Terry and Dina Burkett, $245,000

157 River Club Road, Lexington, from Chickawa Ventures LLC to Joseph Harper and Alicia Robert, $360,000

153 Waterstone Drive, Lexington, from Mungo Homes Inc. to John Luka, $217,001


150 Abingdon Drive, Lexington, from H&S LLC to Stephanie Sox, $120,000

112 Cleyera Drive, Lexington, from Eric and Ada Breckenridge to Levi and Deslyn McLeod, $137,500

1356 Knotts Haven Loop, Lexington, from Lisa Delzotti to Charles and Donna Hughes, $216,000

705 Leafy Bend Court, Lexington, from Gary and Susan Horton to Randall Willis and Heather Walters, $168,500

127 Linville Court, Lexington, from Jason and Lauren Patterson to Nina Weesinger, $87,900

253 Mossborough Drive, Lexington, from Joseph and Nancy Haldman to Michael Zinna, $144,900

341 Pin Oak Drive, Lexington, from Mark Snelgrove to Sharon Frizzell, $118,500

114 Walnut Creek Court, Lexington, from Alfred Lucas to Joseph Chamberlain, $74,500

401 Willow Tree Court, Lexington, from Linda Draffen to Katie Williams and Rodney Moss, $84,300

253 Windy Hollow Drive, Lexington, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Rebecca Mirles, $114,850


1026 Brookwood Circle, West Columbia, from Denise and Eunice Jordan to Stacey Turner and Eva Laws, $127,500

210 Marabou Circle, West Columbia, from Jeffrey and Mildred Kestner to Pamela and Charles Fulmer, $185,000

1760 McSwain Drive, West Columbia, from Terry Bridgers to John and Mary and Ryan Branham, $135,000

1800 Robin Crest Drive, West Columbia, from Margaret Gamble to Lisa Butler, $181,000


142 Calvin Court, West Columbia, from Aurora Loan Services LLC to John O'Cain, $51,500

193 Dove Trace, West Columbia, from Christopher Whitworth to Patricia Green, $125,000

252 Loop Road, West Columbia, from Milan Homes Inc. to Michael Yarborough, $148,000

1149 Old Barnwell Road, West Columbia, from Paul Gatten to Margaret Self, $67,900

115 Stonecross Court, West Columbia, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Carla Addy, $126,098


131 Clubhouse Drive, West Columbia, from Wesley and Carol Roan to Wayne and Marsha Brennessel, $238,000


24-B Canterbury Court, Columbia, from Denise Berry to Wanda Fernandez, $69,900

450 Forest Grove Circle, Columbia, from Baldhead Inc. to Melissa Angus, $115,000


1051 Lofty Pine Drive, Columbia, from Jerry and Marsha Newman to Lucas and Blaire Margraf, $187,500

805 Village Lane, Columbia, from Sandra Scully to Margaret Sliming, $162,000

1524 N. Woodstream Road, Columbia, from James and Donna Qualls to John Meador, $135,000

1101 Woodtree Court, Columbia, from Paul and Amy Fetzer to Charles and Erica Raine, $221,500


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Kershaw County Courthouse.


31 Belmont Drive, Camden, from Maureen Maag to Gerald and Clara Long, $193,000

2105 Burns Lane, Camden, from Jane Brady to Byron and Kayla Shoemake, $150,000

801 Cureton St., Camden, from Lori Taber to Jessica McLeod, $110,500

2106 Davie Lane, Camden, from Robert and Kathryn Odom to Berkley and Allison Tracy, $220,000

2212 Elkridge Drive, Camden, from Kimberly Marshall to Howard and Hope Sharrott, $131,000

607 Frogden Court, Camden, from Ryan and Mandy Finan to Morgan and Allison Drakeford, $226,500

906 Kirkwood Circle, Camden, from Thomas Ancrum to Regina Woodie, $94,000

85 Precipice Road, Camden, from Wilton and Ashley Price to Laveshia Wall, $144,000

12 Scarlett Lane, Camden, from Bock Construction Inc. to Kevin and Jennifer Lott, $174,000

10 Split Oak Court, Camden, from Bock Construction Inc. to Jason Healey, $253,274

17 Temperance Hill Court, Camden, from Bank of America to Michael and Angelica Eads, $225,000

1976 White Road, Camden, from Fifth Third Mortgage Co. to Christine Chambers, $180,000


1624 Robinson Town Road, Cassatt, from Tonja Smith to Barbara and Grover Smith, $98,000


11 Aspen Court, Elgin, from Cicely Keys to Christopher Evans, $96,000

13 Castle Court, Elgin, from Jack and Kenna Hill to Andrew Steward, $150,000

74 Cobblestone Lane, Elgin, from Kenneth and Missey Calcutt to Steven and Elizabeth Dooley, $160,000

53 Driftwood Ave., Elgin, from VIP Developers Inc. to Othen and Kelly Prock, $158,900

71 Driftwood Ave., Elgin, from Rex Thompson Builders Inc. to Alison Small, $119,000

127 Driftwood Ave., Elgin, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Cicely Keys, $158,033

3 East Point Drive, Elgin, from Carey and Suzanne Shealy to Justin Ashley, $92,400

26 Falling Leaf Lane, Elgin, from James and Pamela Koster to Raymond and Mary Schmick, $205,000

2107 Heath Pond Road, Elgin, from Ronald Jacobs to Thomas Hart, $135,000

15 Kimpton Drive, Elgin, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Marilyn Beck, $143,240

13 Manzanita Court, Elgin, from C and C Builders of Columbia Inc. to Adam and Dana Lane, $205,552

39 Rosewalk Lane, Elgin, from Keith Adams and Rhonda Vanmeter to Lavinia Sauter, $172,000

428 Sessions Road, Elgin, from George and Mishew Fetty to Jacob and Melinda Gates, $215,000

425 Wanewood Lane, Elgin, from Mike and Novella Taylor to Jessica Carter and Linda and Russell Addington, $103,500

2394 Watson St., Elgin, from Carey and Suzanne Shealy to Marquita Redfield, $95,729


3251 Kershaw Highway, Kershaw, from Johnny and Diane Roberts to Lucky Browder, $62,500

3951-A Old Georgetown Road, Kershaw, from Dawn Catoe to Jason and Wendy Catoe, $61,830


412 Blackberry Place, Lugoff, from William and Holly Hinson to Victoria and Obie Lail, $220,000

14 Covey Court, Lugoff, from Freddie and Kathryn Brown to Timothy and Brenda Miller, $147,500

311 Deerfield Drive, Lugoff, from Home & Land Investments LLC to Wilton and Ashley Price, $191,000

16 Glen Drive, Lugoff, from Sarah Hix to Myrtle Branham, $115,000

13-A Hoefer Court, Lugoff, from Vincent Earls and Linda Swindell to Maxine Fricke, $112,000

172 Hollow Tree Court, Lugoff, from Richard Cassady to John Gardiner, $208,900

1369 Horsehead Branch Road, Lugoff, from Jeffrey and Rhonda Herndon to Tobin and Ma Gibson, $330,000

1601 Koon Road, Lugoff, from Eugene and Deborah Brown to Zebulon and Maricel Griggs, $185,000

26 Lander Lane, Lugoff, from Scott and Ann Stroble to Steven and Son Gantt, $189,900

1069 McCord Ferry Road, Lugoff, from Kerry O. Lee Builders Inc. to Marc Eby Jr. and Marc Eby Sr., $100,000

930 Meadow Drive, Lugoff, from Phillip Kirby to Kevin Austin, $89,900

900 Medfield Road, Lugoff, from Patricia Belk and Millard and Roben and Randy Jay to Richard Jay, $80,000

1155 Medfield Road, Lugoff, from Susan Stafford to Betty Davidson, $124,000

20 Middleton Drive, Lugoff, from Joel and Amy Schmalzel to William Clyburn, $376,900

12 Mockingbird Road, Lugoff, from Deutsch Bank Trust Company America to Tiffany Hankinson, $89,900

23 Paces Run, Lugoff, from Alan and Jeanne Stanich to Karen Clyburn, $165,000

669 Pine Grove Road, Lugoff, from Joseph and Lea O'Quinn to Krista and Pamela McNeely, $105,500

911 Princess Drive, Lugoff, from Benjamin and Anita Ervin to Sylvia Chabot, $88,500

5 Redwing Drive, Lugoff, from C and C Builders of Columbia Inc. to Souliyaphanh Bounsavath, $142,000

40 Rugar Drive, Lugoff, from Prudential Relocation Inc. to Darren and Miranda Leslie, $195,000

467 Wildwood Lane, Lugoff, from Brian and Jo Ellen Smith to Kimberly Marshall, $159,000