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Property Transfers: Oct. 25, 2009


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Richland County Courthouse.


1098 Buttercup Circle, Blythewood, from Hurricane Construction Inc. to Marika Franklin, $187,535

1414 Frick Road, Blythewood, from Isabel Frick to Cotton Wood Land Holdings LLC, $200,000

Lot 7 Friendly Woods Road, Blythewood, from Walter and Donna Jackson to Jennifer and Clayton Embleton, $55,000

618 Harlequin Court, Blythewood, from C And C Builders of Columbia Inc. to Rodney Kalsow, $135,000

1500 Sherrill Lever Road, Blythewood, from Kenneth Lannigan to Patrick Lannigan, $185,600

217 Soft Stone Drive, Blythewood, from Rex Brown and Cynthia Stoneman to Robert Juch, $305,500

202 West Bowmore Drive, Blythewood, from Shumaker Homes Inc. to Arnold and Kiesha Hardy, $290,714


312 Forty Love Point, Chapin, from William and Amy Brown to Kenneth and Anne Stange, $360,000

540 Foxstone Drive, Chapin, from Brenda Poole to Ashley and Carey and Marilyn Adamson, $147,500

27 Hilton Glen Court, Chapin, from Michael and Dana Smith to David and Marsha Waterman, $292,500


122 Appleton Corner Way, Hopkins, from Windsong Builders LLC to Raji Huff, $290,000

4 New Stock Court, Hopkins, from Paul Doughty to Timothy Chapman, $142,000


111 Caddis Creek Road, Irmo, from Mary Amick to Sharlie Davis, $120,500

241 Caedmons Creek Drive, Irmo, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Xiaofend Yang and Weiqin Lu, $245,942

669 Cornerstone Circle, Irmo, from North Royal Tower Homes LLC to Jeremy Searson, $134,950

5 Dutch Fork Branch Court, Irmo, from John and Malisa Herring to Jerry and Tiffany Smith, $450,000

205 Glen Arbor Drive, Irmo, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Theresa Barnes, $182,090

218 Glen Arbor Drive, Irmo, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Dorthy Snow, $202,384

10 Harlan Court, Irmo, from Dutch Fork Development Group II LLC to Ronald and Mary Raynor, $52,500

214 Hollingshed Creek Blvd., Irmo, from Douglas Guthrie and Jamie Adair to Jennifer McMeekin, $129,900

13 Mapletree Court, Irmo, from Michelle Novak and Jennifer York to Amy Tucker, $169,000

3 Tacoma Court, Irmo, from Van Warlick to Rahsheba Major, $199,900


601 Main St. Unit 503, Columbia, from Adesso/Columbia LLC to Joan Young, $250,000


207 Jasmine Place Drive, Columbia, from Shumaker Homes Inc. to Linda Lee, $118,120

2303 Richland St., Columbia, from Marian Morgan to The Benedict College, $350,000

1011 Sycamore Ave., Columbia, from Andrew and Jennifer Miller to Daniel and Abigail Scott, $93,000


1147 Eastminster Drive, Columbia, from Margaret and Edward Goodwin to Andrew Reed, $192,000


1506 Adger Road, Columbia, from Shirley Hammer to Trinity Consolidated LLC, $263,000

4127 Devine St., Columbia, from Moffatt and Jean Bradford to George and Eugene Todd, $258,350

2904 Hope Ave., Columbia, from Marlene Walton and Alycia Fortner to James and Randy Dennis, $125,000


916 Byron Road, Columbia, from Gregory and Amanda Abrams to Sarah Alphin, $142,000

6506 Christie Road, Columbia, from Alix Hay to Adelaide McMaster, $148,000

181 Fox Squirrel Circle, Columbia, from Holiday Builders Inc to Harold Patterson, $122,990

181 Nestle Court, Columbia, from Hurricane Construction Inc. to Christopher and Heather Ospina, $166,500


202 Pinnacle Drive, Columbia, from Janice Bedenbaugh to Paulette Rowell, $235,000


128 Cedar Glen Lane, Columbia, from Curtis Revert to Frances Jones, $107,000

457 Dove Ridge Road, Columbia, from Sweetridge Homes LLC to Michael and Leslie Dunnett, $279,232

212 Duck Pond Road, Columbia, from Rathna and Uma Amarnath to Admedo and Amy Zefferino, $415,000

300 Shallow Brook Drive, Columbia, from Marcel and Bridgeet Hannah to N.P. Dodge, $319,900

2930 Woodway Lane, Columbia, from Eleanor Roberts and Diane Schacht to KK Omega LLC, $85,000


103 Cypress Ridge Circle, Columbia, from John and Maria Brereton to Lindsay Queen, $295,000

120 Deer Lake Drive, Columbia, from Richard Cartwright to Jonathan Smith, $114,000

538 Fox Haven Drive, Columbia, from Alex and Valecia Hatchett to Walton and Mishondy Charles, $124,500

Longreen Parkway, Columbia, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Raul and Ligia Rivas, $120,925

Longtown Road, Columbia, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Seteria Williams, $107,836

11 Monarch Lane, Columbia, from John Hopkins to Connie Bingham, $172,000

416 Oak Manor Drive, Columbia, from Lucy Martin to Vergial Davis, $129,900

400 Summit Hills Circle, Columbia, from Ridgeview Construction Co. Inc. to Fred and Sandra Cruz, $213,000

104 Tamara Way, Columbia, from Rose Sosa to Jonathan and Meagan Tufts, $135,000


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Lexington County Courthouse.


1035 Indigo Ave., Cayce, from Mossgrove Investment Properties LLC to Arthur and Yvonne Nordstrom, $147,000

112 Melody Lane, Cayce, from Janet Wyatt to Kimberly Sanders, $135,000


117 Newberry Drive, Chapin, from Christopher and Rebecca Lambeth to William and Mary Giles, $189,900


438 Meadowfield Road, Gaston, from Majestic Properties LLC to Reymundo Villegas, $65,000

121 Ruby Mae Lane, Gaston, from 1600 Park Circle Suite 918 LLC to Sherrie Lloyd, $92,161

304 Woodcote Drive, Gaston, from Margaret Henry and Shelly Rucker to Derrick and Toni Vanlue, $113,000


2090 Caley Court, Lexington, from Hurricane Construction Inc. to Deanna Lewis and Cory Glenn, $158,790

220 Cascade Court, Lexington, from Fred Jovanelly to Kelly McCormick, $140,000

105 Cheshire Road, Lexington, from Joann Barry to Suzanne and Peter Buege, $59,500

236 Clubside Drive, Lexington, from Donna Gardner Builder Inc. to Kenneth and Melissa Royalty, $135,000

520 Dawson's Park Way, Lexington, from Executive Construction LLC to George Hamm, $139,900

147 Filhol Road, Lexington, from Ricky Black to Reid and Ann Smiley, $177,000

350 Saluda Springs Road, Lexington, from Hallmark Homes International Inc. to Thomas McCarthy and Wanda Edmonds, $152,000

266 Southland Road Lot 7, Lexington, from Kevin and Sherri Bishop to Cathy Lloyd, $67,000

307 Tarrar Springs Road, Lexington, from Laure and Wayne Kelly to Gergory and Janet Snider, $141,000

145 Travertine Crossing, Lexington, from Mungo Homes Inc. to David Allen, $166,000

434 Wise Ferry Road, Lexington, from Jerry and Mary Rawl to Flossie Kyzer, $50,000


105 Black Walnut Court, Lexington, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Robert and Christina Riles, $194,000

276 Cannon Trail Road, Lexington, from Kathy and Ronald Nichols to Daniel Ruggiero, $115,000

111 Castleville Court, Lexington, from 1600 Park Circle Suite 918 LLC to Joshua Rawl, $91,089

124 Pepper Harrow Lane, Lexington, from Agape Properties Inc. to Chester and Tammy Katzman, $119,900

147 Sherwood Drive, Lexington, from Lee and Tina McKenney to Sarah Amick and John Calcutt, $171,000

110 Sweetbay Court, Lexington, from Hurricane Construction Inc. to Crystal and Nathan Sanders, $188,100

124 Traveler Trail, Lexington, from Carl and Lindsay Feary to Bobbie Roof, $143,000

2323 Westview St., Cayce, from John and Robert Howell to Aaron Goss, $65,500


133 Lee Witt Road, Swansea, from Lenston and Veronica Toland to Brandi Smith and Michael Greene, $99,000


456 Dickson Hill Circle, West Columbia, from Kent Construction Inc. to James and Nicole Hold, $243,500

121 Greenway Court, West Columbia, from Stonegate Properties Inc. to Bill and Joan Bitting, $144,001

123 Savannah Lane, West Columbia, from Brent and Lloyd Turner to Stacy Weil, $110,000


342 Ashburton Lane, West Columbia, from Hurricane Construction Inc. to Brenda Alston and Terry Floyd, $195,465

101 Congaree Downs Lane, West Columbia, from Milan Homes Inc. to Jose Hernandez, $143,450


1505 N. Woodstrem Road, Columbia, from Stephen and Melissa Hattrich to Matthew and Jennifer Metcalf, $143,000

4 Shuler Circle, Columbia, from Alan Boulware and Tony Brooks and Faith Risher to Amy Matthews, $101,500