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Property transfers: Nov. 1, 2009


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Richland County Courthouse.


402 Cartgate Circle, Blythewood, from Chad and Heidi Hall to Ronald and Amy Kiefer, $417,500

1201 Lawhorn Road, Blythewood, from Kelly and Linda Allen to Robert Boyd, $151,500


208 Garden Gate Lane, Irmo, from Ivanelle Leslie Stiles to Allen and Mary Eichinger, $126,000

109 Warden Way, Irmo, from Chris and Lisa Degnan to Promisor Relocation, $228,000


1100 Beltline Blvd., Columbia, from Mary Sparrow to Barry Beasely, $213,500

3841 Overbrook Drive, Columbia, from Joseph Gunn and Stephanie Dagley to Steven Jerry Jones, $158,000


6732 Frances St., Columbia, from John Gibson to Barry Floyd, $79,400

137 Moores Creek Drive, Columbia, from High Duck LLC to Larry Bernard Faust, $158,199


2409 Bee Ridge Road, Columbia, from David Cooper to Gregory and Amanda Abrams, $205,000

2908 St. Ives Road, Columbia, from Glenn and Creta Dollar to Edward Davis, $160,000

213 White Birch Circle, Columbia, from Katherine Sabalis to Betty Gatipon, $225,000


9 Chelmsford Court, Columbia, from William and Linda Gilkinson to Abby Vanderah, $246,000

317 Highland Point Drive, Columbia, from Zeigler Home Builders to Matt and Maha Gruber, $354,800

121 Whitehurst Way, Columbia, from Robert and Michelle de Jongh to Doris Foster, $139,500


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Lexington County Courthouse.


116 Bay Pointe Drive, Chapin, from Jaime Bohnke and William Rudis to Sirva Relocation Credit LLC, $280,000

116 Bay Pointe Drive, Chapin, from Sirva Relocation Credit LLC to Leigh Polhill, $252,000

509 Newberry Drive, Chapin, from Robert Reynolds to Sergio and Kathryn Nunez, $92,500

616 Newberry Drive, Chapin, from Heritage Community Bank to Dennis and Amy Novack, $310,000

304 Three Oak Court, Chapin, from Dunbar Builders Inc. to Robert and Karen Johnston, $343,000

508 Turkey Pointe Lane, Chapin, from Colony Builders of Carolina Inc. to Kelvin and Darlene Vause, $112,724


112 Battery Creek Drive, Gaston, from Dasher Home Builders LLC to Katherine Hardy, $116,000

145 Blackville Road, Gaston, from Dixiana Construction Inc. to Jarvan Piper, $110,000

161 Cranbrook Court, Gaston, from NVR Inc. to Patricia Suite, $103,960


410 Castle Vale Road, Irmo, from Thad and Christine Westbrook to James and Alice Green, $144,000


333 W. Hampton St., Batesburg-Leesville, Jeffery and Ryan Shaw to Rosalyn Reeder, $80,000

277 Little Creek Drive, Batesburg-Leesville, from GRP Loan LLC to Andrew Morgan and Colleen O'Driscoll, $170,000


112 Barrington Drive, Lexington, from Matt and Elizabeth Currie to Carla Apostola, $87,500

413 Bear Brook Court, Lexington, from Clayton and Vickie Ettenger to Donna Kelly, $164,900

110 Bonhomme Circle, Lexington, from Wickersham Homes Inc. to Angela Padgett, $115,000

400 Chamfort Drive, Lexington, from Hurricane Construction Inc. to Bradford and Mary Tillman, $173,700

104 Chethan Circle, Lexington, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Andrea Hargreaves, $122,900

154 Cochin Trace, Lexington, from D.R. Horton Inc. to Dennis Smith, $146,500

248 Creek Branch Drive, Lexington, from KB Home South Carolina Inc. to Christopher Bair, $169,990

226 Cumberland Drive, Lexington, from Bruce and Allison Kenner to John and Sofia Ochocki, $374,000

235 Dawson's Park Drive, Lexington, from Executive Construction LLC to Brandy Crumpton, $103,900

430 Dupre Mill Road, Lexington, from Robert and Carolyn Camino to Kim Hanna, $127,900

510 Gibson Forest Drive, Lexington, from Bradford and Mary Tillman to Andrew Allen, $130,900

205 Hammock Drive, Lexington, from NVR Inc. to Tamiko Harvey, $157,325

210 Hammock Drive, Lexington, from NVR Inc. to Satisha Mortha, $182,810

216 Harbor Vista Circle, Lexington, from Beau Ideal Development at Cherokee Landing LLC to Phillip and Courtney Leaphart, $91,000

121 Harvest Grove Lane, Lexington, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Michelle Bowers, $130,201

209 Inverness Court, Lexington, from William West to John and Kristin Hoog, $359,000

244 Lothrop Hill Road, Lexington, from Daniel and Lana Crain to Fernie and Michael Johannes, $190,000

137 Mill Haven Lane, Lexington, from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Larry Porth, $235,000

209 Millwright Drive, Lexington, from D.R. Horton Inc. to Robert Marshall, $249,000

260 Mooring Lane, Lexington, from Jack and Julianne Moak to Bruce Headley and Suzanne Westcott, $477,500

1130 Morning Shore Drive, Lexington, from James and Catherine Firlein to Frank and Melissa Bryant, $529,000

157 Newmont Drive, Lexington, from Adrian and Amy Langley to Mary Pfister, $368,000

113 Old Field Court, Lexington, from Prudential Relocation Inc. to Michael Priebe, $143,900

201 Saxe Gotha Lane, Lexington, from Gary and Jerra Kirchner to John Chesno, $94,000

109 Settlers Court, Lexington, from KB Home South Carolina Inc. to Russell and Stephanie Blantz, $185,855

129 Spring Frost Drive, Lexington, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Michael and Kara Stevens, $155,514

105 Wessinger Drive, Lexington, from Virginia Bruce and Roger and Wilson Roberts to Travis Roberts, $80,000

100 Whiteford Court, Lexington, from John and Sara Amos to Ann O'Brien, $180,000

252 Winterberry Loop, Lexington, from Susan Gibbons to Heather Domingo, $193,000


309 Banberry Loop, Lexington, from Shumaker Homes Inc. to Joshua Young, $164,000

250 Black Pine Court, Lexington, from Liberty Oaks Inc. to Christy Shealy, $169,874

111 Courtside Drive, Lexington, from Adam Verona to Mary Sharpe, $100,000

238 Courtside Drive, Lexington, from Towb Ventures Ltd. to Caroline Oates, $121,288

239 Crickhollow Circle, Lexington, from Brookshire Townhomes LLC to Susan Nelson, $137,550

3148 Emanuel Church Road, Lexington, from TCBrown Properties LLC to Freddie Forsythe, $127,000

213 Latherton Court, Lexington, from NVR Inc. to Mary Wilomovsky, $132,835

481 Riglaw Circle, Lexington, from NVR Inc. to Kristin Riegel, $127,005

137 Wynnsum Trail, Lexington, from Sunbelt Properties Inc. to Gin Beery, $97,000


769 Crystal Springs Road, Pelion, from M&KM Enterprises LLC to Michael and Christina Jackson, $153,000

209 Delano R. Kneece Road, Pelion, from Janet and Michael Maerz and Delano Kneece to Delano R. Kneece & Son Inc., $88,760


527 Beverly Drive, West Columbia, from Wesley and Kelbe Lawson to Jonathan Lorenzen, $217,000

2810 Dalewood Drive, West Columbia, from Robert Brewer to Teresa Stevenson, $96,500

1825 Holland St., West Columbia, from William and Phyllis Gantt to William A. Gantt, $75,000

2232 Leaphart Road, West Columbia, from Robert Peele to Joseph Whipple, $152,000

106 Shadowfield Circle, West Columbia, from Elizabeth Deer to James and Rogelia Powell, $112,000

304 Skipperling Lane, West Columbia, from Brett Cargill to Shirley Mains, $169,000


110 Congaree Downs Lane, West Columbia, from Shumaker Homes Inc. to Susan Backman, $129,990

314 Conner Park Lane, West Columbia, from Hurricane Construction Inc. to Stefan Cooper, $157,000

427 Parkstone Court, West Columbia, from Derrick Homes LLC to Raymond and Ashley Barrett, $130,000

264 Sausage Lane, West Columbia, from Caleb Huffstetler to Jennifer Cagle, $121,000

105 Stonecross Court, West Columbia, from Mungo Homes Inc. to Andrew Webb and Kimberly Ashley, $175,021

304 Yardley Farms Court, West Columbia, from Terry Floyd to David Yoder, $132,000


501 Grenadier Drive, Columbia, from Eric and Cindi Federspiel to Joseph Fraccalvieri, $117,500

2516 Rolling Pines Road, Columbia, from Bette Karig and Beverly Fowler to Judy Fowler, $120,000

736 Shadowbrook Drive, Columbia, from Michelle Seay to Jeremy and Karen Ponds, $155,000


1510 Beaver Dam Road, Columbia, from Michael and Shirley Mains to Francis and Lindi Legare, $203,000

1346 Berl Mar Road, Columbia, from Jerry and Leona Lovingood to Joseph and Sheri Richards, $195,500

335 Braewick Road, Columbia, from Melissa Benzin to Brock and Sharon Adams, $75,000

1904 Cedarbrook Drive, Columbia, from Carolyn Moon to Jacob Webster, $132,000

104 Stone Column Way, Columbia, from Executive Construction LLC to William Cope, $225,000


The property transfers listed below are from the descriptions on legal documents on file in the Kershaw County Courthouse.


1206 Dicey Creek Road, Camden, from William Watford to Scott and Ann Strobel, $66,590

1441 Gordon St., Camden, from Habitat for Humanity to Kimberly Sanders, $150,471

911 Greenbrier Road, Camden, from Grayson Shaw to Elizabeth and Michael Montgomery, $174,000

1741 Old Stagecoach Road, Camden, from Stephen and Connie Sheorn to Barry and Mary Nelson, $90,000

409 Revere Circle, Camden, from Terriel Ham and Sherly Ham-Bernard to Martha Caulder, $169,900

12 Scarlett Lane, Camden, from Bock Construction Inc. to Kevin and Jennifer Lott, $137,500

156 Southern Oak Drive, Camden, from Bock Construction Inc. to Garret and Kassi Richardson, $82,500

23 Sterling Green Court, Camden, from Jeffery Baker and Brennan Nettles to Marguerite Wooldridge, $123,888

207 Welsh St., Camden, from Norvelle Cathcart to Paulette Miller, $112,500


1272 Cheraw Road, Cassatt, from Charles and Christa Hayes to Robert Croft, $120,100


1948 County Line Trail, Elgin, from Kerry O. Lee Builders to Anthony King, $157,990

129 Driftwood Ave., Elgin, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Ronald Manning, $95,000

133 Driftwood Ave., Elgin, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Likeshia Moses, $145,331

24 Kimpton Drive, Elgin, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Julia Harris, $142,550

6 Lucern Drive, Elgin, from Hurricane Construction Inc. to Jason Mathis, $144,000

45 Saughtree Lane, Elgin, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Antonio and Kadada Spencer, $105,000

49 Saughtree Lane, Elgin, from Essex Homes Southeast Inc. to Chandra Jacobs, $251,006

52 Strawberry Field Lane, Elgin, from Paul Majors to Dennis and Lynnel Scott, $182,000

2400 Watson St., Elgin, from Carey and Suzanne Shealy to Cedrick Bush, $153,000


1536 Baldwin Road, Lugoff, from Robbins and Miller Construction Co. to Ashley Pelletier, $136,000

120 Branhamwood Road, Lugoff, from Cole and Lois Smith to Ruth Meshach, $285,000

140 Charm Hill Road, Lugoff, from KJ Properties of Columbia LLC to Sherelyn Bell Oreglia, $99,900

1410 Horsehead Branch Road, Lugoff, from Phyllis and Bob Hames to Wesley Grainger, $87,900

1018 Meadow Drive, Lugoff, from Barry and Mary Nelson to Jonathan Richard, $123,700

22 Red Wing Drive, Lugoff, from Brazell Family to Walter Treimann, $162,000

25 Remington Drive, Lugoff, from James and Karen Buchanan to Jonathan Branham and Ashley Hawkins, $126,407

153 Shivers Green Road, Lugoff, from Michael and Vicky Peake to Alton Taylor, $172,500

453 Smith Road, Lugoff, from Brigitta Bailey to Stephen and Connie Sheorn, $93,000

6 Trotter Court, Lugoff, from Brian and Jessica Denny to Heather Hall, $75,000

117 Veranda Ridge Drive, Lugoff, from Doug Kirkland Construction LLC to Shaun Baccomo and Kimberlee McKinney, $99,900

101 Vicksburg Lane, Lugoff, from Kay Todd to Nichole and Brittan Gardner, $205,000