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Book entertains housebound gardeners

For gardeners who can't play in the dirt this time of year, here's another way to pass the time: "Garden Lover's Puzzle & Quiz Book."

The book, created by the Puzzle Society, contains more than 180 garden-theme puzzles, including word searches, crosswords and logic problems. It's a way to put gardening knowledge to work when you're stuck indoors.

Buyers of the book also get a free 90-day trial subscription to the Puzzle Society (http://www.puzzlesociety.com) and its online puzzle trove.

"The Garden Lover's Puzzle & Quiz Book" is published by Andrews McMeel Publishing and is $9.99 in paperback.

Organic solutions for plant maladies

Organic gardeners can find help with diagnosing and treating their plants' maladies in "What's Wrong With My Plant? (And How Do I Fix It?)"

Authors David Deardorff and Kathryn Wadsworth use ques-tions to help readers pinpoint the causes of their plant problems and guide them to solutions else-where in the book. Photos of dis-eased plants help readers com-pare.

The book offers organic remedies to more than 400 maladies, including lawn prob-lems.

"What's Wrong With My Plant?" is published by Timber Press and sells for $24.95 in pa-perback or $34.95 in hardcover.