Let’s go Columbia. These 3 dogs need homes

Sunrise, a 3-year-old Great Dane mix
Sunrise, a 3-year-old Great Dane mix tdominick@thestate.com

Flanker, Sunrise, and Sally are still waiting to be adopted at PETSinc after seeing nine of their dog and cat friends find homes.

Christmas is well over, but not all of the 12 Strays of Christmas that were featured in The State had a good holiday.

Sally, an 8-year-old house-broken pooch, is still looking for a couch to flop onto and an owner to give her belly rubs. She loves cushy seats and car rides, lead adoption counselor Kathy Calhoun said, and would do well in a nice, quiet home.

Sunrise, the sprightly dog with a gorgeous gray coat, is still looking for a permanent playgroup to lick and slobber over.

“Sunrise is the most beautiful dog here,” trainer Tom Kelly said. “He gets along with almost every dog. He’s very confident, and would do best with an owner who knows how to lead him.”

And Flanker, the friendly bulldog mix with medium energy, is still looking for a pal to walk him and toss him the occasional treat.

“He’s very people-social, and while he’s not overly friendly with other dogs, as long as they respect his space, he does great,” Kelly said.

These dogs have been at the animal shelter the longest and are surely deserving of a good home in Columbia. Is that home yours?

Can you give them a home?

Contact PETSinc about adopting these dogs

WHERE: 300 Orchard Drive, West Columbia

INFO: www.petsinc.org, (803) 739-9333