What you can do for dogs in need

Carl and Tiffany are neutered beagle mixes. They’re 5 years, 2 months old.
Carl and Tiffany are neutered beagle mixes. They’re 5 years, 2 months old. Pawmetto Lifeline

Puppy season has descended, and Pawmetto Lifeline and PETSinc could use help.

First of all, both organizations have dogs that need to be adopted.

A few of these furry friends are pictured here. Some will be adopted quickly, but others will take their place.

Even if you can’t adopt a dog (or another dog) there are several ways to help Pawmetto Lifeline and PETSinc.

“We use volunteers in every area,” says Elizabeth Childers, director of marketing and communications for Pawmetto Lifeline. “Some people are more comfortable working in the administration area, and others like working directly with dogs.”

Here are some ways volunteers help at Pawmetto Lifeline and PETSinc.:

▪ Care for dogs. “We have them help with walking dogs, feeding dogs, keeping up with their water, bathing them, brushing them,” says Caroline Part, an administrator at PETSinc.

▪ Play with dogs. “Some of our dogs like to play ball,” Part says. It’s more than just play. “Socializing with the animals helps us check their temperaments,” Childers says.

▪ Donate supplies. Some folks drop off supplies, and some have drives for the pet adoption facilities. “We just had a Girl Scout troop bring in baskets of toys to send home with adopted pets,” Childers says. Both Pawmetto Lifeline and PETSinc. need donations of food, trash bags, disinfect, rubber gloves, copy paper and more.

▪ Donate money. Each no-kill facility has a section on its website listing options for monetary donations. “We had some little girls donate money from their lemonade stand,” Childers says.

▪ Help with events. Both organizations have fundraising events that need volunteers.

To volunteer at either adoption center, go to their respective websites and click on the volunteer link. Pawmetto Lifeline asks potential volunteers to fill out a form online. To volunteer at PETSinc., email info@petsinc.org.

There is also more information about both facilities and volunteer opportunities on their websites: www.petsinc.org and www.pawmettolifeline.org.