Be careful what you give away

They cold-called a company or talked to a friend or acquaintance and made a convincing case that the target company needed them.

They approached their interviews with strong presentations about how their skills and experience would benefit the employer, not asking what the employer could do for them.

And, most effectively, the successful job hunters networked into the company through key employees, circumventing the formal application process.

But job hunters need to be careful.

There's a noted trend among employers in which applicants are not only put through multiple interviews but also are asked to produce significant work - oral presentations, reports, business plans, strategy suggestions - for free.

How does an applicant know how much to "give away" in interviews?

It's a gut decision. Someone pursuing a dream job should let out all the stops.

Someone just testing the waters should be careful about giving away too much for free.

- McClatchy Newspapers